Update: 28/08/2021
In life, everyone probably thinks about their parents at least once. Mother loves her kids unmeasurably, but father loves in silence. Although a father is not a perfect person, he loves his children in the most perfect way. He is the one giving us the most tranquil childhood.)



Father is either a businessman or a poor farmer, he always hopes that his kid's life is full and happy. He is always like this, he seems to be strict and cool but he always thinks about his kid and the kid’s future. He does not show his love, but not everyone could know how hard he tries to earn money for our better meals and clothes, and for our life to be as full as friends.

Father’s love is always silent and beside us. When we were young, father followed us in every path. He is willing to lift us up when we fall down. He might forgive us when we make mistakes. He might talk to us like a friend when we are upset. He might be with us like a same – old friend.)

We seem to say sorry at once to someone we make mistakes. But we may not apologize to our father when we make mistakes. We always feel grateful to someone helping us. But do you feel grateful to a father who sacrifices his whole life to bring us up from a little baby to an adult? When we see the ones who are the same age as our parents work hard, we feel touched. But we do not know that father suffered from those struggling moments, too.

We are so carefree that you cannot see his hair color changes and his hands become hardened and shriveled. He cannot see clearly when he becomes weaker. This is an impermanence of life which means that we cannot stay with our father much. Don’t regret that we cannot be such a good child as we cannot cook a meal or make a cup of ginger tea for father in the cold weather. 

Don’t regret that when we go back home, there is no more father waiting for us but his picture on the altar. Please love father more than before. Don’t regret when your father is dead, we can’t stay with your father longer. Don’t regret it when we were young, we babbled: “Dad” and he smiled happily, but now we try to call: “Dad”, he cannot respond to us anymore. Don’t let the late tears fall on your cheeks, let’s make father happy when he is still alive.

He loves his children but he never asks for something back. He just hopes that we can grow up and always be happy. Thus, we should spend time with our father, talk to him, cook delicious meals, make a cup of tea, say: “I love you” when he is still able to hear. Some actions are not much, but these are like presents that are bought by money.

Thanks to this writing, I would like to send a message to my father. “Thank him for giving me this body, to raise me up, to give me the full life like my friend. Whatever toys I like, father would buy for me. Whatever options I choose, father supports me. I’ve never told my father how much I love you. I would like to stay with you longer as I just met you in this life. If we can meet in the next life, can you be my father again? I love you so much, my father!”



Tâm Thủ


Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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