Explaining the Essentials of Buddha Recitation

Update: 31/05/2008
The Dharmaparyaya of reciting the Buddha, wishing to attain the Pure Land of Amitabha is very important because it cut the line of birth and death. It is told that by reciting Buddha’s name, we can stop the Samsara. Therefore, the sect of Buddha’ name came into being.

Explaining the Essentials of Buddha Recitation

But, if people do not master the source of samsara (birth and death) while reciting the Buddha’s name, they finally will come nowhere? If if people do not stop the source of samsara, they finally stop the samsara? What is the origin of samsara? Our ancestors said: “If we don’t take the Karma seriously, we won’t attain Jambudvida. If we don’t cut our affection on life, we won’t attain The Pure Land.” Therefore, love and desire is the origin of birth and death, which makes beings suffer from birth and death. This origin has existed not only in some particular lives, but also has been done before.

In this life, sometimes we need to think again to see if there was a time we want to get rid of love and desire. The seed of love and desire was buried so deep that it affected the birth and the death. Reciting Buddha’s name, if we only want to attain The Pure Land without knowing the origin of birth and death, when will we be able to destroy it? Because we don’t know about the origin of samsara, it keeps growing bigger. Although the two things have no relation, no matter how much we had prayed, at the end we will only see our Karma and our origin of birth and death. Then we assumed with hatred that Buddha has no divine power. We don’t know that we will have no chance to regret later.

Therefore, cultivators should be advised to know the love and desire is the origin of birth and death. While praying to Buddha, we need to get rid of love and desire. In our life, we pray to Buddha at home; when looking at family members and properties, we should not emerge in delusion; we should do something or recite the Buddha’s name due to the samsara, due to the fire house” We cannot get rid of love and desire until we know how to pray to Buddha in the right way, because we ignore that delusion is the cause, we recite the Buddha’ name in form. Therefore, our love and desire keep growing bigger and bigger. When our family shape appears, we need to imprint in mind. When the name of Buddha can be against the love and desire, it means we can stop passion, without cutting love and desire off lives in order to stop samsara. Our love and desire have roots. When we started praying without putting mind into it, we cannot do it the right way. If we cannot control ourselves now, we cannot do it when we die. Therefore, we must focus on prevention of birth and death and its origin. “Constant recitation needs no lunar year’s end! It’s late to wait! Therefore, knowing the origin of birth and death means we know when they will die. How magical it is!

Translated into English by NguyenThi Mai Thao.

Great Master Ham Son

(Extracted from ‘Clouds in Dreamy Realm’ adapted by Thich Hang Dat & Nguyen Phong)

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