Experience Of The Pure Land Practice

Update: 22/03/2010
The Pure Land ­chanting the name of Amitābha Buddha, is one of the surpassing method that Śhakyamuni Buddha by compassion had left for all living beings. Concerned with The Pure Land, there are three materials for ending the cycle of birth and death: Faith, Practices and Vow are indispensable.

Experience Of The Pure Land Practice


Faith is the believing mind without doubting, is the right faith, deep faith in the Buddhavacana. Practice is uninterrupted cultivation on the name of Amitābha Buddha, with constant and wholehearted practices. This practice can apply for any position whether walking, standing, sitting or laying down; chanting can be high, low or whisper up to situation. Vow is the wish for being born in the Pure Land when this lifetime finished because only the Pure Land of Amitābha Buddha we are out of suffering and enjoy the everlasting happiness.

The Buddha said: “In the period of correct Dharma, people can see the Truth by dhyāna or visualization; in the period of semblance Dharma the Truth can be seen by meditation; and in the period of degeneration Age of Dharma only The Pure Land can save people from suffering.”

Yin Guang master, one of the great master of Chinese Pure Land, had said “The people in the Degeneration Age of Dharma are lacking of good karma but excessing of bad karma; therefore, we were born in the time of gone-away Buddha. The other practice ways still can increase good karma but we get difficult to be out of the saṃsāra, only The Pure Land provides an opportunity to escape from the circle of birth and death. In present time, although there are very few people who can achieve one-mind unconfused, people still can be born in the Pure Land thanks to their vows and together with the Amitābha Buddha’s vow, in the state of left unfinished all defilements. All living beings who take birth in the Pure Land are guaranteed for non-returning and always be there for further practice till gain liberation”.

I’ve been known about Pure Land practice via the Dharma Talks of Master Thich Chan Tinh and other monks of Hoang Phap monatery. TheLonger Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra(Infinite Life Sutra), with thirty-seven chapters, left in me strong impression and will be my property for self-correcting. It motivated me in keeping firm and having faith in the Buddhist’s miraculous. I’ve never read such a good sutra! Following the Dharma, and sincerely doing Pure Land practice, I really got taste. I sometimes burnt into tears because the name of Amitābha Buddha touched my mind. This emotion also comes while walking meditation and I feel the liberation in every of my steps. How joyful I am! I had wondered myself for many times that how Buddhist teaching can bring such a magic. And repeating the name of Amitābha Buddha really reduces the stress life and even conduces us to be out of the saṃsāra. I still have not reached the one-mind unconfused yet but truly feel the happiness and peace in every moment of practice and cultivation, without shaking or effecting by the busy life. Among the forty-eight vows of Amitābha Buddha, the eighteen vows said thus:

“If, when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands of the ten quarters who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, desire to be born in my land, and call my Name, even ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment. Excluded, however, are those who commit the five gravest offences and abuse the right Dharma.”

The Buddha’s vows has left as a guidebook for the Pure Lands’ practitioners, having faith and in the Buddha’s vow when repeating His name, we can be born in the Pure Land. As a lay Buddhist I believe in the existence of Pure Land as wonderful as it had been mentioned in the Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra (Amitābha Sutra):

“Oh Śāriputra, it’s marvelous

That Pure Land also has lakes and ponds

Decorated by the seven treasures

And filling by eight waters of merit and virtue

“There is no any dirt in the bottom

Even the sand also made by gold

And their four sides decorated by the seven preciouses such as

Crystal, gold, agate, silver, lapis lazuli, rubies, mother of pearl…”

There were many beautiful things mentioned in the sutra, which can’t be found in our world, the “fire house”. Therefore, we should sincerely follow what the Buddha taught to blossom our lotus in the Pure Land.

‘Having faith in the Buddha’s words is Belief (Sraddha)

Repeating His name to gain the one-mind unconfused

Making vow to be enlightenment

For saving all beings in the six realms

Faith, Practice and Vow

Are the Pure Land’s requisites

They are ships lead us to the other Shore.

Namo Amitābha Buddha

“Hoang Phap”, a cozy name

A learned place guiding people

Pure Land practice, should join

For ending of saṃsāra’s existence

Lifetime practice wholeheartedly

Ten times give Birth in the Pure Land

Three things should keep always

Faith, Vow, Practice constantly:

Belief in what Buddha spoken

His name, the six letters

Keep in mind whichever you are

The Vow you make just for others

Pure Land give Birth surely

Fulfill merit, saving all sentients.

“Pure Land practice”, so wonder

People should take, ending six realms

Mindful till reaches Pure Land

Unmindful leads to Saṃsāra.

HCMC, June 10th, 2008

Lien Huong

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