Examining and giving Presents in Soc Trang

Update: 30/04/2015
In the morning of 26th April, 2015 (8th Lunar March, Goat Year), the Monks and many Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda examined patients and gave presents in Soc Trang.

Examining and giving Presents in Soc Trang


The group cooperating with the medical humanitarian group of\r\nAn Nghiep ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho city and the HCMC medical\r\nassociation of doctors   went to Hung Loi town, Thanh Tri district, Soc\r\nTrang province and examined, gave free medicine and presents for 500 the local\r\npoor. In meeting hall of The People’s Committee of Hung Loi village town, the\r\ndoctors of  enterology,ophthalmology, ultrasound scan,  electrocardiology,\r\netc, examined and gave free medicine for local people,  most of them are\r\nKhmer ethnic groups. Patients for ultrasound scan were over 50 cases, 150 pair\r\nof long-sighted glasses for old people, (4,500,000 VND). After being\r\nexamined, all are received a part of medicine and present about 174,000VND. The\r\ntotal money for the charity in Hung Loi is 91,500,000VNĐ.

In the afternoon, the group came to Phuoc Lam Pagoda, My\r\nXuyen rural district visited and gave presents to single old men and women, the\r\ndisable who are taken care in nursery home of the pagoda. About 20 millions\r\ndong and some of clothes were granted to them.

The total money of charity in Soc Trang is 111,500,000VND by\r\nMs Trinh’s family, Mr Su, Ms Niem, Ms Lien Tung, Ms Duc Duong, Ms Kieu, Ms Nu\r\nand the Buddhists from near and far.


Here are some images recorded:



Translated into English by Ms. Cao Thuy Linh.

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