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Escaping from our own trap

Update: 26/11/2017
We have read an article like this: “A wife wanted her husband when he went home and bought a salad-dressing bottle. But her husband had forgot it, which made her angry. That the couple quarreled caused his wife to suicide”

Escaping from our own trap


Knowing the news, everyone was shocked and felt it beyond imagination. Why just a bottle of oil which the wife suicide? If we think it is a minor thing, it will not be serious and her husband only says: “Sorry! Waiting. I’ll go and buy it! Or I’ll buy it tomorrow”. It may be resolved. The reason is the husband often forgets to express his feelings to his wife, and does not care about his wife.

If that is true, although the wife loved her husband very much, because his attitude was too indifferent. the wife felt that the marriage life was boring, she felt unsafe and thought that life was no longer meaningful, the result was to suicide. Actually, if   she and her husband had sat talking truthfully toeach other, it would not have be stalemate. She also would not think that her husband did not buy a bottle mixing oil, which did not show any interest in his wife. She would not have been suicide.

We, in fact, can not understand when reading this story. There are so many people who suicide because of trivial things, but it is a very common problem in today's society. Actually, buying a bottle of oil is just a reason, and the present activities are unimportant, but because such things often happen. From those consequences, the resentment contained in the heart for long time; therefore, they do not know how to solve the problem. Finally, owing to the anger over the choice of death to identify at her husband. This is foolish.

Maybe this wife is thought not to have any friends. If she had had friends, she would have talked with them. They encouraged her: â€œMy husband is worse than yours. He has just forgot to buy a bottle of oil, why are you angry? You can buy it, he is busy with his work to forget it, you should sympathize with him”

She should follow the advice about Buddhist Dharma and change her mind and maybe get out of the deadlock. Many people detain themselves. Placing yourself in a vicious circle, and their spirit falls into nowhere causing extremely miserables. If they can not escape from this circle, they will go to the road of death. Therefore, we urge everyone to use the own concept, the Buddhist way of thinking, to escape from the self trap. 

Ignorance do harm on our physical health mind because foolish person is often in state of anxiety.This is easy to put pressure on him/herself. Any social situation will affect on them. When psychology is affected, it is also related to health problems. Hence, that we should think step back in anything is the best. When experiencing in grief or affliction, we remind ourselves: “Why are we so stupid and crazy like that?” Thus, we will transfer the mind to escape the difficult situation.

 Therefore, when having trouble or difficult situation without solving it, we should change our concept, Such things will be solved, fast or slowly, far or near.

 HT. Thánh Nghiêm

Translated into English by Bui Thi Bich Huyen

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