Enlightened by Himself

Update: 24/03/2015
There was a novice monk called Tam Tri entering the assembly of the pagoda.

Enlightened by Himself

He studied hard and very smart. So, Zen Master Thong Minh loved him so much. However, after having  been practicing for may years, he still neither improved nor attained any enlightenment.  

Tam Tri seemed to lose confidence in himself. One day, he, on his own,  came to the Zen Master to ask for advice. The old Master Zen realized that he was old and weak, and could no longer live more. It was the time he wanted to teach and extend knowledge for him. Therefore, Zen Master was not afraid of weak legs, and tried to guide his further practice.  

When they went to a narrow bridge, Tam Tri saw his Master was walking unsteadily and could fall down the river, he rushed and led him across the bridge immediately. The Zen Master did not accept and said:

  • We must walk by ourselves, breathe by ourselves and drink by ourselves. Don’t worry about me. Let me go by myself.


The Zen Master had just stopped his words, the novice Tam Tri realized it.

On the way of practicing as the way of life, even though we see any excellent  teacher or eminent sage, we ourselves go ahead through the bridge directing to success. All in all, forward by ourselves.

Translate into English by Le Thien An.

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