Eating Grapefruit may turn the wrong way to “poison”

Update: 21/10/2015

Eating Grapefruit may turn the wrong way to “poison”


Grapefruit has got a lot of good effects on health and beauty. However, eating grapefruit in wrong way may cause "double-edged sword" to the body.

 Grapefruit contains many nutrients beneficial to health. Grapefruit offers few calories but contains large amounts of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A and essential minerals to the body.

Regularly grapefruit consuming helps weight loss, antioxidants, protect body against stress, prevent diseases related to asthma and arthritis ...

Nevertheless, excessive or improper eating grapefruit may decrease its good features, or even harmful to health.

Following are some notes for best use of grapefruit:


Eating grapefruit with an empty stomach to lose weight may cause stomachache

Eating pomelo with an empty stomach to lose weight - unpredictable catastrophe

Grapefruit is the preferred option in losing weight. Many people have breakfast and lunch with grapefruit only to lose fat and keep the body slim.

However, we should not abuse this way, at least for people at risk of stomachache.

We all know grapefruit is good for the body. Nevertheless, please be advised that the citric acid in grapefruit is quite high (around 14%-15%). Hence, eating pomelo with an empty stomach may be harmful to your stomach due to acid effect.

The best way is eating grapefruit after meal for it helps better digestion and improves high cholesterol condition of the body.

Do not eat grapefruit right after drinking, smoking

We should consume grapefruit or its juice, usually 48 hours after smoking or drinking alcohol due to the effects of  Pyranocoumarin in grapefruit which may enhance metabolic cytochromes P450 (intestinal enzyme) and cause effects as increasing the toxicity of tobacco, nicotine and ethanol, which are harmful to health. That is the reason.

Pomelo is not for people with diarrhea and poor digestion  

Grapefruit with cold characteristics (according to oriental medicine) is not good for diarrhea patient and may make the disease more serious. Thus, unsound people should not eat lots of grapefruit. It is believed that eating pomelo makes us feel cooler, but excessive dosage may cause stomachache or diarrhea ... 


Do not eat grapefruit while taking some certain drugs

Health experts recommend that patients using drugs, especially drugs for the elderly, should not use grapefruit.

People with high blood cholesterol using a glass of grapefruit juice to take a slimming pill may suffer the phenomena of muscle pain, or even kidney problems.

Patients consuming grapefruit during the time using some certain kinds of antihistamines may get headache, rapid pulse, arrhythmias …, or even sudden death.

In addition, several components, when combined with grapefruit, may cause side effects such as: cyclosporine solution, caffeine, antagonistic calcium, Cisapride ...

Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice, along with the above mentioned components contained in the drug, within 24 hours, may cause side effects.

The best way, when using some certain drugs, especially drugs on the above groups, is asking for doctor’s advice to see if they are contraindication to grapefruit.


BBT Website

Translated by Dieu Lien Hoa

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