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Eating from Hunger, Sleepng fromTiredness

Update: 01/05/2016
One time, The Blessed One lives at Rajagaha, in Veluvana.

Eating from Hunger, Sleepng fromTiredness


After having meditating walk outside until the night almost ends, He washes his feet, enters the Vihara and lies down on the right side in the lion's pose with one foot overlapping the other in right mindfulness and clear awareness, and has a short break till he wakes up.


Then evil maras comes and talks to the Blessed One about the following verse .


Why are you sleeping/ Why are you still sleeping/ Why are you so asleep/ You lie curled up as a dead person/The house is empty as your thinking/So you have such sleeping/Why are you so sleepy/When the sun is risen?


The Blesses One replies:


When a man has no attachment/ With the poisonous hindrance of net/ Such a man is liberated/ He is not led into anywhere/ Evil spirit! An enlightened man/ All bonds of births and deaths are complete extinction/ If he is sleepy/ What are you done?


(ĐTKVN, Corresponding set 1, Chapter 4, unit 1, Narco part, VNCPHVN published, 1993, page 238)




Zen Masters of the following generations have learned the conduct of His "Eating from hunger, sleeping from tiredness" from The Blessed One" How asking for meditation when facing the sight in mindlessness". When " a job is done, a heavy load is put down" they are able to satiety at will and being independent without obstacle. To The Blessed One, sleep or meditation is the same.


We cannot compare ordinary nature with the saints’. It means to judge the deed, speech or extraordinary conduct of Buddha, Bodhisattva or enlightened zen masters because all their manifestations become wonderful use and protect all beings. Sometimes, they perform some displays as wrong morality (eg: Most Venerable Jigong's whereabouts), in fact that is the opposite conduct aimed to teach and convert to special objects; all these deeds are only for compassionate vows of Bodhisattva to save all beings.


As The Blessed One, He still lies down to sleep deeply when the sun is risen, so mara thinks it's a good opportunity for criticizing bitterly to him. But mara doesn't know it's also a chance to Buddha for teaching and converting the mara. With it, mara knows that the enlightened and liberated man is out of evil net, and there isn't any influence can control him. He is the master of gods and human beings.


However, sleeping or resting is one of hindrances to prevent wisdom and without let meditation practice beginners; simultaneously it is one of five desires, which is the best of taste to sentient beings. Therefore, being fond of sleeping is considered a ghost, a poisonous snake that is needed to eliminate in meditation. When births and deaths are not solved yet, being fond of sleeping or resting is decadent. When a man is enlightened then sleeping or waking is the means in according with conditioning cause to save sentient beings.


Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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