Dongkuk University – Korea

Update: 04/02/2017
Korea is not only mentioned as a country with developed economy, but also mentioned that the country has culture, ancient religions. One of which is Buddhism.

Dongkuk University – Korea


Buddhism is considered as the state religion in many dynasties of Korea, having a great impact on the life and thoughts of Korean. Along with this development, series of temples, institutes, monasteries, Buddhism schools were born and developed until today. It is also the reason that Dongkuk university was established on the foundation of Buddhism.

The University is in the heart of Seoul at the foot of Mount Namsan, first established in 1906 under the name Myeongjin (명진학교, Myeongjin hakgyo) by tendencies unified of Buddhism Association in the worldwide of Jogye Order of Korea. After many ups and downs, forced to close because of the war, the school was officially reopened in 1953 under the name Dongkuk (동국대학교, Dongguk Daehakgyo, East National University of Buddhism) and to be recognized by Korea as a private university, in the proper sense of developed Western countries.

The mascot and symbol of school is an elephant and a lotus. This is also a sacred symbol in Buddhism, symbols of ingenuity, courage, intelligence, luck and friendliness.

Dongguk is one of the few Buddhism universities in close tie of the world. However, the school always opens door to greet students and teachers of all other religions. Dongguk University has modern facilities and education world-class, combining Eastern and Western, applying Buddhist doctrine in teaching programs. Dongguk University is also one of the top 10 universities in Korea.

Currently the school has 3 campuses in Korea including Seoul, Gyeongju, North Gyeongsan, offers courses in Buddhism, economic, social, engineering, science, medicine and the arts ... and one facility in Los Angeles, America - specialized training Western medicine. In addition, there are 2 schools of Western Medicine Hospital and 4 schools of Eastern Medicine Hospital, industry researches Buddhism is one of the key of study, thriving and oldest in the school.

Students and lecturers from all over the world contribute to increase the effectiveness of teaching, practical experience and culture in the teaching process. From there to the success for students in school and work after graduation. As for the study of Buddhism industry after graduation students can work in all the different sectors.

Dongkuk university made it strong, successful today. Many students of the school is the celebrity and success in many fields in Korea and around the world.

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Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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