Dominating the bad effects of Karma of the mouth is to attain a half of Buddhahood.

Update: 02/05/2015
Dominating the bad effects of Karma of the mouth is to attain a half of Buddhahood.

Dominating the bad effects of Karma of the mouth is to attain a half of Buddhahood.


Nun Fa Zhao was born on 12th Mar, in the 11th  year\r\nof the Tongzhi reign - the Qing Dynasty (1860s). In Feb, 1994, because\r\nof old age and illness, she came to Fo Hua Pagoda to take refuge in and\r\nwas accepted by Master XiYun. After 4 months of being treated by her Master,\r\nshe completely recovered. Since being a nun until she passed away, her mouth\r\nhad always recited Amitabha Buddha name and never said a useless, redundant\r\nword. If being an asked about cultivation, she would have given a\r\nthorough explanation and on the contrary, she would have never got involved in\r\nit.


That is her useful advice on practice, for nuns and\r\nlaywomen.


The Fo Hua Pagoda is one of the five largest ancient pagodas\r\nin Mount Jiuhua, Quingyang county, Anhui province, China.


She lived a very simple life, managed to take care of her in\r\ndaily activity and never asked for help from others. By all of love, she tapped\r\non anyone who visited her on their heads to bless them. Furthermore, she\r\nusually gave those who suffered pain of disease a massage and comforted them to\r\nrelieve the pain. Moreover, she had always practiced the Bodhisattva's way in\r\norder to save sentient beings from the suffering world. On 20th, Nov 2002, she\r\npassed away to perfect rest at the age of 136. 5 years later, on 8th, Dec 2007,\r\nher Master, XiYun,  checked and realized that her physical body had\r\nnot rotted away, so he decided to have her body plated with  gold and\r\nthen built a temple for worship.  

The photograph of her undecayed body.

One of her memorable saying is:

"If any Laywomen or nuns manage to dominate bad effects\r\nof the Karma of the mouth, they will attain a half of Buddhahood" because\r\nthe bad impacts of their karma of the mouth 

- is quite hard for them to dominate.

- is the biggest obstacle preventing them from attaining\r\nenlightenment.

- spells the most damaging strike towards their practice.

- is the main cause leading them to fall into evil paths.

- is the most overwhelming reactive power for them to gain\r\nrebirth in the Western Pure Land.  

- makes the state of impurity in temples by the constant\r\nrights and wrongs.

- makes internal discord within the Sangha and decline of\r\nBuddhism.

- leads to regression of sentient beings’ bodhi mind and cut\r\noff others' good roots.


The bad effects of karma of the mouth are extremely\r\nserious. If women in practice cannot remove 4 types of Karma of the mouth:\r\nlies, harsh speech, double - tongued speech, and embellishing speech, they will\r\nbear innumerable suffering in the three evil paths now or in the next lives\r\nwith little hope of escape. Hence, , women in practice should be careful in\r\nspeech communication  to avoid falling into samsara and\r\nsuffering in the evil paths.

"Namah Amitabha Buddha". 

Collected and synthesized by Tinh Nguyen.


 Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.



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