Dog Fighting Festival in China

Update: 17/03/2015
Dogs bite to the last breath to entertain people in Northern China during the Spring Festival.

Dog Fighting Festival in China



Each spring, people in\r\nthe village of Sanjiao, Jishan County, Shanxi Province in Northern China\r\norganized dog fighting festival. Thousands of people gathered around the iron fence\r\nto watch the dogs bite each other until they die.


 Owning\r\na dog is the only condition for the people to participate in the festival. The\r\nowner of the dog winning  every round rewarded with cigarettes\r\nand alcohol. Each dog fighting festival takes place in several\r\ndays, organised by a group of local organizations


Each dog fighting attracted the attention of hundreds of\r\npeople. These dogs often have to fight until they completely collapsed\r\nbecause of a steel fence surrounding the yard that they can not\r\nescape.


In\r\nChina, the law does not protect dogs as some Western countries. However, the animal\r\nprotection organizations vehemently oppose dog fighting festival. They are\r\ntrying to urge  the Chinese authorities to enact laws\r\nprotecting dogs.


Mr. Shi Pan, the festival organizers of fighting\r\ndogs, countered: "The city people criticized our performances, but it\r\nis the entertainment here. Opponents have the money to pay for other ones,\r\nthe place where our members can not reach. We have the right to\r\norganize ourselves funs.”


The dog\r\nfights also attract tourists to the place. China\r\npolice confirmed that dog fighting festivals did not violate the law.\r\nThey also did not receive any formal complaints. However,\r\nsometimes thieves caught dogs as they were roaming the\r\nstreets to serve dog fighting festival.


In addition, many people were also taking advantage of the\r\ngame to organize gambling activities. Audiences often do bet\r\non winning dogs. It is against the law, but is taken place\r\nin a small scale, that the police are difficult to detect and prevent.

Nguồn: Zing.vn

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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