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Dispelling The Delusion

Update: 24/10/2015
Question : How to dispel the delusion and recite Buddha persistently?

Dispelling The Delusion



Eradicating all trouble  to recite the Buddha in contemplation of mind is always a goal and desire of most people who practice on Pure Land sects. If we want to avoid delusion, we need to know its origin so as to destroy it. In the Awakening of Faith theme in Mahayana, Asvaghosa Bodhisattvas divided mind into such two disciplines as Bhutatathata (the Real) and Utpadanirodha (the birth and death). One is pure mind and the other is passion mind.

 1-Delusion’s origin

If we spend time to consider our mind carefully, we will know what’s mind is the most to live with. When we meditate, recite or listen to Dharma, we see our enlightened mind or not. We can not hear or recognize everything in outside without it.  However, we usually forget our pure mind easily and keep the things in outside. Then we feel misguided and sorrow in all our life. In the Lotus Sutra, Buddha said: "That the Buddhas appeared because of a great destiny enlightened human beings to perceive and entered into the idea of reality". All of the Buddhas such as Vipassin, Sikhin, Kakusandha, Konagamana, Kassapa, Sakyamuni and until later Maitreya Buddha, who are for an important reasonhave taught everyone to recognize our pure, clear-sighted and true mind that is available in our heart without doing anything. 

ddha do not force human beings to give up his wife, children and properties to come to pagoda to be enltghtened. If we practice at pagoda but not exclude delusion, we will stay trouble even going anywhere. Delusion is in our mind. If we do not practice, we will suffer from grief everywhere. We can drop off our shape but can not give up our invisiblemind. We might consider our mind’s origin deeply as well and find out its cause and dispel then we will feel peaceful. Our mind is the root of sorrow, suffering and also the one of peace and liberation’s origin.

 2-Dispelling the delusion

If we want to break delusion in our mind, we need to see the origin of truth clearly. The truth is the loan in each of our breath and this body is not eternal. We do not practice, understand and know the Dharma. We follow the win and lost, the right and wrong and struggle hard, hustle in our life because we want to eat delicious food become beautiful and rich. We want it always happy. Although we love and care our body very much, it is still unfaithful to us. One day, it will leave us without saying goodbye. Once doctors declare our body to be in the final stage of cancer or hepatitis B, C, etc. then we just cry. Despite we have a long-lived but it is not timeless, it does not durable. Because we do not comprehend the truth, we always cling to it and consider as a living. Buddha called it ignorance.

The two words 'To receive and retain' are very important in our study. 'Receive' means holding on and the 'Retain' means maintain. Holding Buddha's name means we always keep our mind purity and wisdom. Releasing our heart inattentively and droping the Buddha's name will be seen people and things with good, bad, right and wrong…characters. Loosing calm and pure mind to run after beings ideas and asking for negativity. If in our daily lives, we keep on running in the mind of defilements, it will also create confusion and suffering now and again repeatedly. Continuoustly  concept on Buddha is the shortest path to return to the pure mind, which does not create evil karma, so no ways feel suffering retribution. Practice is the key to return to the purity of mind, no longer live with the sorrow of ignorance and suffering any more. When we meet the anger or pleasure, we quickly return to recite the Buddha's name silently: "Inhalation of Ami; Exhale of Tabha Buddha, "Our body only exists in one breath, the winning, loss, love or hatredmakes us more tired. Returning to a calm mind for health wise. Always living in that way will keep a pure mind away from the chaotic environment of pollution and be liberated right in the binding. That disturbing means Bodhi.

Right now, to concentrate the attention in Buddha name in each breath, when eating, sleeping or dressing we need to recognize clearly about borrowing fragile truth of this body,which let go off all illusory causal conditions. Customary practice in that way, we will have meditation and wisdom in a Buddha's name and eventually we get the power of the mind to break the veil of ignorance delusion. When all sorrows melt and full of wisdom, then think, say or do anything to be in the peaceful and wisdom mind which are consistent with the Dhamma. Doing all merit, the merit for it to stately your pure legal body in this life and all future lives. This life, we learned the Dhamma to have nice peaceful, dignified life, it will be merits, blessed favored wholeness  afterlife. The seed of that practice is to add more in the next life again and keep practicing until progressivelast life until full merit as Buddha. The Buddha taught us the path of peace and unique way, though looking around the whole world, there is no other way, so that people need keep moving forward. In accordance with dharma practice is right in this life has always been peaceful, has gentle death and will be reborn in the Pure World.

Thích Minh Thành

Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen.

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