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Update: 04/02/2022

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In the evening of the third day of Lunar New Year, I asked for a favor from my brother to write some   calligraphy, like some   ancient Confucianism used to   describe   it   as   "writing   the   first sentence"   in   spring.  Usually, everyone   does   it privately   on New   Year's Eve, surrounded  by incense with a warm cup of tea. But I did it at a kiosk for souvenirs at ten, while the others were cleaning after three days of the new year. Nowadays, there are not many people who keep this tradition.
But I kept wondering which word I would like him to write for me, peace is very casual, because everyone wants that in life, but sometimes, struggles are somehow interesting, which helps us grow up. "Prosperity" is also common because everyone does want that, but the truth is if we want that, we must do good things. "Mind" is also good, but we don't understand it at all, to understand our mind as well as all, so we can treat them well. Eventually, I asked him to write me a "Mad". He is very handy, alongside his romance, so his "Mad" is somehow cannot be read easily. Below that is a poet said:

Madness…is an awakeness in an illusion life dream

Is a serenity in fluctuational events

That poet came to my mind when I observed his writing. When I was in high school, there was a common joke from a friend which I didn't know was wrong or right. It said:
The scientists prove that there are fifteen minutes for us all to get insane. Because of this, when we see someone around us doesn't want to talk suddenly, or is suddenly rude, which means somehow, it's normal. It's fifteen minutes. If we think of that, then we can spare him or her our sympathy, don't mention each other's mistake or misspeech, and keep our relationship bonded,
avoid unexpected conflicts. 
Our ancients had some good advice for hot-tempered people as well. When someone is acting abnormally,   they   will   stop   everyone's interaction with   that   person  by   saying:   "He   has   some madness in his blood, don't mind him, just let things go." By recognizing that insanity, families are happy, and brothers are getting along well with each other and the society is happy in peace. 
When it comes to "Madness", I recalled a well-known poetry during XX period, which was self-
recognized as "I started being grandly insane", also not to forget himself as "despite my insanity,

I'm still famous, I died and I regenerated gloriousy." It was Bui Giang, a historical evented poet around the 1970s, a weird old man trying to live his life as a beggar, wandering around universities to debate with the students, about literature and philosophy. Behind that outlook of him is a legacy of literature, philosophy and linguistics. Alongside with excellent poets, he left behind translation, research based on literature and philosophy. By reading his poems, readers feel different stages of feeling, with unique images and wording. The words came from a free soul. His poems contain many metaphors, something surreal, however, still kind and gentle. Therefore, some studies commented his poetry no longer as "Mad" but "Conscious".
Being conscious among life, amongst wrong and right. He loved life, loved people, but he found that life is too quick and people are always in a rush. He came to a dead-end and tiredness because of beauty and emptiness, and then he used his poems to describe his heart. Therefore, anyone who reads his poems can understand his mentions in every available way. 
After a long discussion, I would like to get back to "Madness", I once heard but didn't remember that it   was   from  a   Mantra   or from  elsewhere,  that   Buddha  said   that   everyone   is   controlled  by everything like crazy people living in their dreams. What makes some of us feel his sadness? Why was he so  rude? When we   think  about it  carefully, Buddha is   right. He observes  everyone
fighting for their lives everyday until their last day, chasing dreamy things, doing cruel things and being  chased in an occurrence, he feels his sympathy. When we  still keep sadness and worriness, we don't know where to go, everyone can react or behave like a crazy one. The fire of greediness can urge someone to do bad things, and hurt someone else. That fire can urge us to lose ourselves. 
With the same word of "Craziness", we can depend on different situations to understand its meaning. Sometimes in life, let's try being insane for a while, to be calm among everything else. 
The third day of Lunar New Year – 2022

Tâm Biện

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao

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