Discovering the largest Buddhism’s festival in Thailand.

Update: 15/03/2015

Discovering the largest Buddhism’s festival in Thailand.



Phra Mahathat pagoda is the largest one in the south of\r\nThailand and it was built a thousand years ago. It is famous because it has\r\nreserved Buddha’s relics. This place will be organized the greatest Buddhism\r\nfestival in Thailand under the name Magha Puja Hae Pha Khuen That festival on\r\nLunar January 15th yearly.


To express their belief, people and Buddhists from all over\r\nthe world attend from early morning to form an orderly line, wait for their\r\nturn offering clothing.


To enter the Phra Mahataht pagoda center, Buddhists must\r\nstand in line and walk about 2kms from a stadium.


Everyone prepares  a bunch of flowers for themselves


… and a cloth. Offering clothing is the specific Buddhist\r\nfestival in Thailand. It is believed  that only offering these clothes\r\ninto the pagoda, that they will attain all wishes that would come truth in the\r\nnew year.


When entering the pagoda center, the Buddhists continue\r\nwalking three rounds inside the campus before starting the formal ceremony\r\noffering cloth.


 After finishing the three rounds of walking, all\r\nBuddhists will carefully offer the clothing by wrapping up in the tower pillar\r\ninside the pagoda campus. 


These bunches of flowers are placed all over the campus to\r\nsend their wishes to the Buddha.


In the middle of the pagoda is the place for Buddhists\r\npraying to Buddha, which occurs from early morning to late at night. Everyone\r\nwill rotate reading the sutra to wish for health and prosperity in the New\r\nYear.


The coins are offering to the pagoda.


Besides the main activity offering cloth, the local people\r\nalso dance around the pagoda during the festival.

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