Dharma Talk at Pho Quang Pagoda – Quang Ngai Province

Update: 10/03/2014
In response to the invitation of Abbess Thich Nu Uyen Lien, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Pho Quang Pagoda in Group 7, Quang Phu Ward, Quang Ngai City to have a Dharma talk in the morning of March 8th, 2014 (Lunar February 8th Horse year).

Dharma Talk at Pho Quang Pagoda – Quang Ngai Province


Knowing that the Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh would come to\r\nhave a Dharma talk, a large number of Buddhists gathered there for listening\r\nalthough it was not a cultivation day as usual. On that day, there was no\r\nenough room in the main hall, so the Buddhists had to sit in the corridor. In\r\nthe Dharma talk, he complimented on Buddhists’ attempt of learning. Being a\r\nhuman is difficult, but it is more difficult to have a chance to listen to\r\nBuddha-dharma. All of us existing in this world will have to leave the body one\r\nday. Going to pagoda and being able to be cultivated under the instruction of\r\nthe Abbess is a great condition.Therefore, everybody should cultivate seriously\r\nnot only to be peaceful for your own and your family, but also to create a good\r\ncondition for next lives. If you want to be peaceful and happy in the future,\r\nnow you have to practice good condition and be peaceful and happy as well. If\r\nyou do not work hard or make a fortune in your youth, being miserable in your\r\nold age is a certainty. Sowing a cause in previous life, you will reap an\r\neffect in this life; similarly, a cause in this life will lead to an effect in\r\nnext life. A cause sowed in previous life will be reaped in this life; reaping\r\nwithout sowing in this life, you can not reap in next life.

In the six paths of the life wheel, sowing a good cause to\r\nreap a good effect is necessary. It is also happier than other people when you\r\nare a person with merit. Even an animal that has merit is also less miserable\r\nthan other animals. Besides cultivating their own character, Buddhists should\r\ndo good things such as almsgiving, offering, food and emergency aiding, animal\r\nreleasing, etc. to create a good merit for next life.

At the end of the Dharma talk, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh\r\ngranted each Buddhist a set of DVDs including Con Duong Giac Ngo (A Path to\r\nEnlightenment), Hoang Dao (Propagation Paths), Tam Su Dau Nam (Intimate\r\nFeelings at the Beginning of the Year).


Below are recorded pictures:

Translated by Huynh Thi Thao

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