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Dharma Talk at Pho Quang Chanting Hall in Nevada, US

Update: 12/10/2016
In the morning of Oct 11, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk to the ashram at Pho Quang Chanting Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Dharma Talk at Pho Quang Chanting Hall in Nevada, US


During the session, he explained the meaning of taking refuge in Triratna. After the oath taking refuge in Triratna, Buddhists should always keep in mind the meaning of what they have vowed.

Triratna includes: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Taking refuge in Triratna means the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha become the shelter for Buddhists.

Buddha is the Omniscient, making benefits to both himself and others. Buddha title is not intended only for Shakyamuni Buddha, who lived 25 centuries ago in India, but also commonly to those who have got the Enlightenment, completely ceased all craving, aversion and delusion, been well-departed;perfect in knowledge and conduct. Dharma means Buddha’s teachings, the Path of peace and liberation. Buddha's teachings make us in the mode of non-craving, non-grudge, detachment, equanimity, peace, liberation ... Sangha means the community of renunciants following Buddha’s Dharma. This community is the embodiment of harmony and purity. Sangha is the representative for Buddhas in the world. Buddhists taking refuge in Triratna will follow the leading of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as the ultimate guidance, mentoring, and shelter. Triratna is the most divine one for us to respect and believe. Buddhist devotees voluntarily dedicate their whole life to serve Triratna and sentient beings and are compliance with the precious teachings from Triratna.

In the evening, the Monk Thich Tam Nguyen had a Dharma talk with the topic "Look back oneself" to the mass. Those who would like to reconsider themselves should have a still in mind as a writer wrote: "Human life is not a highway from cradle to tomb". Nevertheless now and then, we make our lives a non-targeted race on such highway, doing things like a robot instead of living our lives. That way will make us become cold, disoriented due to non-stop running. We should not be so burdened and busy with pressures in life that our minds get fade and exhausted with series of mechanical duties. A moment of still in mind may make us fear facing with ourselves, seeing hidden corners inside that we do not want to see. Our lives will be in the dark until those corners are recovered and identified. There should be a stop in our minds to look back and have enough courage to face, listen and understand ourselves. This action should not be done once but continuously during our lives so that we can really live, act, behave via our works and relationships ... who can do it is the one who knows himself and his duties; as per our predecessors’ words.

Participants were presented the DVD film:” Searching for the Enlightenment” published by Hoang Phap Pagoda as Dharma gift.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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