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Dharma Talk at Pagoda Hoa Phuc – Hanoi

Update: 22/06/2016
In the morning July 22nd, 2016 (May 18th lunar calendar), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh has visited Pagoda Hoa Phuc, Hoa Truc village, Thach Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district, for a Dharma talk to local Buddhists based on the invitation of abbot Thich Tam Hoa.

Dharma Talk at Pagoda Hoa Phuc – Hanoi


 During the lecture, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh mentioned three main issues that  Buddhists should keep in mind

 1. Belief in Trisatna: in which, Buddha is the Awaken One, teaching us the way to deliverance and enlightenment.

Dharma is the truth, the right, the leading light.

Monk is the pure master guiding us the right path to follow. Buddhists should have confidence in the Trisatna.


2. Dharma StudyBuddhism dharma is boundless and immeasurable; hence, Buddhists should frequently read, recite Buddha's teachings, listen to dharma talk to deepen wisdom in kinds of sutra, instead of only one. With sutra penetration, we can soak our wisdom into the Dharma sea. That’s why Buddhists should diligently study Buddhism dharma.

 3. Keep 5 precepts: Five precepts are the platform for Buddhism practicing regardless whatever sect we are in. In our lives, there are kinds of losses as sickness, property, our beloved ones, precept infringement and knowledge. Among them, the loss on precept infringement and knowledge are the most important because they can adversely affect not only the present life, but also the afterlives where the precept breakers hardly have a chance to be human beings but are degraded down to lower level, hence Buddhists should avoid them.

Above is the content of the Venerable’s lecture.

Following are some recorded photographs


Translated by Dieu Lien Hoa

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