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Dharma Talk at Buddhist Dieu Giac’s Residence, US

Update: 07/10/2016
On Oct 05, 2016, during the preaching trip in Oregon, US, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh visited the Gold Medal rose garden and the Japanese garden in the City of Portland.

Dharma Talk at Buddhist Dieu Giac’s Residence, US


In the evening, he had a Dharma talk at Buddhist Dieu Giac’s residence regarding the five themes in Anguttara Nikàya; in which either a householder or religioner, woman or a man, elderly or youth, should often reflect as following:

1.I am subject to old age; I am not exempt from old age.

2.I am subject to illness; I am not exempt from illness.

3.I am subject to death; I am not exempt from death.

4.I must be parted and separated from everyone and everything dear and agreeable to me.

5.I am the owner of my kamma, the heir of my kamma.

Via Buddha’s teaching, the Venerable pointed out the impermanence, and emptiness of human life and advised Buddhists to diligently practice for the sake of peace and happiness within this life and well-preparedness for the afterlives. People and things are changing and moving in this world with life cycle of “birth-aging-disease-death”, or “formation- growth- damage – disbandment” as the law of nature. The change itself is the driving force for our growth and promotion to the Enlightenment. The question is when challenges and changes occur, how we cope with them, if we can successfully overcome them? These issues are worth for us, the practitioners, to contemplate.

Ending the session, the Venerable presented the DVD film:”Searching for the Enlightenment” as the Dharma gift to the mass.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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