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Dharma Talk at Avalokitesvara Ashram in Oregon - United States

Update: 07/10/2016
In the evening of Oct 6, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Avalokitesvara ashram in Eugene, Oregon, US.

Dharma Talk at Avalokitesvara Ashram in Oregon - United States


During the talk, he guided the etiquette for Buddhist and reviewed the core fundamentals as the meaning of taking refuge in Triratna, five precepts and how to recite Buddha’s name to the mass. These fundamentals are also the corner-stone for Buddhists to have happiness and ease in present and future during the path to the Enlightenment.We take refuge in Buddha as the perfect Enlightened One who has overcome the samsara, in Dharma with immensurable skillful means leading us to the Path of happiness and liberation,in Sangha as a harmonized and pure community helping us live in ease and mindfulness along with Buddha’s teaching. Taking refuge in the Triratna means setting the first step into Buddha’s house and become Buddhists.

It should be noted that after Buddha's Parinirvana, monks are the ones leaving secular lives for the liberation Path and succeeding Buddha for turning the Dharma wheel. Nevertheless during their lives, these Buddha to-be, may get mistakes, wrong doing or even disorientation, part from their original mission and vision. Such bad examples can discourage rookie lay Buddhists’ faith. The true and seasoned practitioners should consider things with lucid mind following Buddha’s examples rather than others’. We should not feel hurt, lose our merit and precious practicing or even leave the Path to liberation due to others’ bad deeds.

Ending the Dharma talk, the Venerable presented Buddhism DVD film: “Searching for the Enlightenment” as Dharma gift to the audience.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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