Dharma Preaching at Tan Phap pagoda, Cu Chi province

Update: 14/02/2014
In response to the invitation of Abbot Thich Chieu Tuc, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Tan Phap Pagoda at Tan An Hoi commune, Cu Chi district to have a dharma talk in the afternoon of Febuary 13th, 2014 (lunar January 14th Horse Year)

Dharma Preaching at Tan Phap pagoda, Cu Chi province

 The Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh talked about 2 verses in Dharmapada relating to\r\na horse.

Be diligent among the self-indulgent,
Be awake among the day dreamer,
The wise is like a strong horse leaving a weak horse behind.

The Senior Venerable encourages Buddhists to try to be an excellent horse. It\r\nmeans recognizing the impermanent of this world, the uncertain of this life,\r\nand the sorrow of the round of existence. Therefore, they should cultivate\r\nseriously to get rid of the evil actions, attain good behavior aim to the pure\r\nmind to free from rebirth, for enlightenment. Buddhists should know that\r\nconcentration is not just sitting or getting rid of the food, bath for years...\r\nas the heresy. Following Buddha teaching, Buddhists should be diligent to\r\neliminate greediness, anger, and ignorance, which will support peace and joy,\r\nexactly as the Buddha’s teachings.
At the end of the Dharma talk, Venerable gave each a DVD of "Hoang\r\nDao"- Propagation Path –


Below are recorded pictures:

Translated by Thai NhÆ°Æ¡c Don.

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