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Dharma Preaching at Nhu Lai Thien Tu Pagoda - United States

Update: 05/09/2016
In the evening Sep 04, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Nhu Lai Thien Tu Pagoda, San Diego, California, United States.

Dharma Preaching at Nhu Lai Thien Tu Pagoda - United States


Nhu Lai Thien Tu has been managed by monk Abbot Thich Minh Hoi, a member of Buddhism mendicant sect. This sect was founded by Monk Minh Dang Quang decades ago, following Buddha’s life in getting alms for food and preaching Dharma. The noble image of a Buddhism mendicant travelling around for Dharma preaching and taking their lives as example to save human beings reminds us Buddha’s life, waking the aspiration of enlightenment of people, including Venerable Thich Chan Tinh. After reading a book of the late great master Thich Giac Nhien, a youth decided to renounce his household life and devote his life to introduce Buddhism to the world with all of his mind, enthusiasm and efforts (and has become Venerable Thich Chan Tinh). He would like to follow the tireless preaching of Buddha to save sentient beings, to glorify the Buddha, and to fulfill his master’s aspiration and wish. The Venerable always keeps in mind the deep gratitude to the great master, book writer and maintain good relationship to the Buddhism mendicant sect. The Venerable’s sharing is a grateful word to the predecessor masters and also a message to audience of gratitude and repayment to others’ favors/supports.

Via the sharing session, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh also reminded lay Buddhists that they should frequently verify their practicing ability by measuring the level of greed, hatred and ignorance left inside. The higher their practices are, the less anxiety and craving they perform. After all, the inner power will shine with easeful and blissful postures that the people around can feel. It’s the right people on the right path to deliverance.

At the end of the Dharma talk, the Venerable presented Dharma gifts to the audience.

Following are some recorded photographs:

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