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Dharma Preaching at Dai Bi (Great Compassion) Pagoda, Indiana, United States

Update: 09/09/2016
In the evening Sep 08, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk at Dai Bi Pagoda, whose abbess is nun Thich Nu Quang The.

Dharma Preaching at Dai Bi (Great Compassion) Pagoda, Indiana, United States


The visit to Dai Bi Pagoda in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, was settled on an ad hoc basis. Why? For years, Hoang Phap has annually supported celebrating the Day of Amitabha Buddha at Long Hoa Pagoda where the abbess was ordained in Vietnam. Based on such good brethrenhood, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh has decided to spend time visiting and sharing to Vietnamese Buddhists at Dai Bi pagoda regardless his condensed agenda of preaching in US during two months.

On this occasion, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh said that it was the meeting in divine brethrenhood. The ones turning Dharma Wheel would try their best for the benefits of sentient beings regardless how hard it was. Furthermore, during years sowing the seeds of Buddhism Dharma in places, Hoang Phap has got the kindness love and trust from Bhikkhu(ni)s and Buddhists in Vietnam and abroad. It is the favor and also the sweet fruits of respect and bliss from the tireless activities of sowing the seeds of Dharma and good merits to sentient beings. This event is a live example of cause and effect rule that the Venerable would like to share to the audience so that everyone can diligently do the good things, avoid the evils, promote and purify the mind.

During the Dharma talk, he mentioned: "The ignorant one takes care of the current life, while the wise takes care of both this life and the after-life”. Hence the wise knows how to use his time to create good deed/karma, cultivate his mind with both merit and wisdom for the benefits of himself and others. Such practicing would generate bliss and ease in present and free him from suffering in future.

The Venerable also encouraged Vietnamese Buddhists acknowledging the important role of the Pagoda in the spiritual and cultural life, especially for Vietnamese expatriates. Pagoda is the place of connection, convergence, preservation of Vietnamese valuable tradition. Hence, regardless how difficult the life is, everyone should lend their hands turning the Dharma Wheel, preserving the Dharma, building the Pagoda and actively participating in the Buddhism development. Pagoda is not only the place for everyone to refuge at current time, but also for our generations in future.

Following are some recorded photographs:

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