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Dharma Preaching at Bang Pagoda- Hanoi

Update: 13/06/2016
In the morning of 12th, June 2016 (it is 8th May in Lunar Calendar), Senior Ven.Thich Chan Tinh, the Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda gave a dharma talk to Buddhists of Lotus Mandala Sect. participated in the one-day retreat at Bang Pagoda- Hanoi .

Dharma Preaching at Bang Pagoda- Hanoi

The Senior Venerable started by showing  his respectable attitude to the Abbot of Bang Pagoda because he  has done a great job on proclaiming the Buddhist-truth to people in all ages - both the old and young.

By this opening sentence, the Senior Venerable would like to mention that the proclaiming the Buddhist-truth to everyone; especially the young generation is very important and every monk can bring Buddha Teaching to people. In the opinion of Senior Venerable, the way to proclaim the Buddhist-truth should base on people’s favorite activities, for instance: people love movies, let’s do Buddhist movies; young people love music, let’s compose songs about Buddha, etc. In general, it would be easier to let people get acquaintance with Buddhist-truth through their favorites such as movies and music. However, those who proclaim should be careful when they convey the Buddhist-truth through people’s favorite, particularly the young people, because any carelessness may cause a wrong thinking in young people’s mind.

After all, the Senior Venerable still prefers the traditional way of proclaiming which has been saved for thousand years. Buddhism has being in Viet Nam over 2000 years, in some dynasties in the past, Buddhism even was promoted as the national religion. Yet, currently, the number of people following Buddhism is less than the number before. How come? We Buddhists have a responsibility of being understood Buddha teachings, then bring the Buddha teachings to our families. By this way, we and our families will be able to keep the goodness in our souls. The Senior Venerable emphasized: “We do not care about the young generation, we do not build a “play-ground” in our pagoda so they do not come to pagoda, do not study Buddha teachings, do not know the good values, the young and also the future gradually lose the goodness in their souls”.

The Senior Venerable adds: “We are Buddhists, children of the Buddha, we have to study more on Buddha teachings, following Buddha teachings, self-research on Buddha’s life so that getting experience on how to find out the truth, how to self-practice and the most importance is how to share the Buddhist-truth to everyone around”

In the end of the speech, there are some encouragements from the Senior Venerable. He hopes everyone will try the best to study on Buddha teachings as well as proclaim the Buddhist-truth to everyone, every home.

Hereinafter are some recorded photographs:

Translated into English by Tang Gia Boi.

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