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Dharma Lighting Program - time 54th

Update: 11/01/2016
On January 10th, 2016 (Lunar December 1st, Goat year) numerous Buddhists inside and outside in Ho Chi Minh City came to the Hoang Phap pagoda to participate the Buddha Recitation practicing course - the last reciting day of the Goat Year. In this practice time, the rites board continued to carry out the 54th of Dharma Lighting program.

Dharma Lighting Program - time 54th


In this program, Junior Venerable Thich Tam Nguyen, the monk of Hoang Phap pagoda came to bodhimandala in order to reply the questions in the program.

Question 1:  Dear Venerable Masters !

I feel very happy when I am a buddhist. Every day, while watching television, newspapers or the other means, I realized that now the youth have extremely beendeclining from the morality, there were more socially bad omans in which they were the main component:  having their heedlessness and competition life, ect.There was one thing making me more worried that children proudly killed people without hesitation (in the other hand they weren't horrible to murder people, no matter what people to be killed even including their parents, when they didn't meet their needs so as to determine to kill them right away. Thinking back to my family, I have a son who is in 3rd grade in high school. Sometimes, he had some acts such as having obstinate arguement and not listening to me when I blamed him. At the moment, I tried to hold myself to advice him but My major worry appeared in my heart.In this age, I wondered myself if my son wouldbecome a bad boy as the others, and then the above-mentioned situation would be happened or not? I really felt worried and nervous about this and didn't know what I had to do. I expected the venerable teachers give me an advice or some way to help me teach my son and bring him to the Buddha's teaching.

I’m sincere gratitude to the venerable Masters.


Question 2 Dear Venerable Masters!


Both of us believe in Buddhism and became the buddhists in several years ago. The pagoda recently organized the monk renunciation to sow conditions for those who had this inner mind.I felt very happy when I knew that my husband developed a mind to leave home in this time. I am known the ordination for sowing conditions means that the buddhist came to some pagoda to take part in the Leaving Home ceremony, then to cultivate and practice the monastic life in a period of  7 days or several months, when time finished he would come back to the layman life as usual. But to my husband, he returned to live with our family after Leaving Home while he still bore in mind of his formal and spatial of the practitioner with "no hair on his head, yellow saffron robe". I asked and told my husband that although you developed a mind to leave home for sowing conditions, the meaning of Leaving Home was only correct when you had to stay at monastery and live your life as the masters and monks. But my husband didn't listen to me and said that the masters at the pagoda permitted him to go back home for cultivating, it was not necessary to stay at the pagoda and my husband didn't surely return to the pagoda. Because I was a new practitioner so I felt uneasy when I heard that, so it didn't mean his home-leaving. Was my thought correcr ? Was it wright or wrong when he returned to home and lived with his wife and children in his appearance of the practitioner after Leaving Home.Was it right or wrong in this case? I hope the masters would explain to me clearly as well as to those who had the vow to leave home for sowing conditions to know what they have to do.


After replying the questions, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, head of the program, said some words to remark in two questions. Through this, He stressed and extracted good lessons from his practicing life. To be the buddhists, when we face with such situations how we have to think as well as develop in our cultivation.Thus, we will achieve peace and true happiness in the present and future.


After that, the masses together entered  in the ime for meditative walking and Buddha recitation as usual.


 On this occasion, the rites board sent VCDs "Happy religion in life" and cultivating timetable in year 2016 to the buddhists participated in a practicing day.

These are some specific images:

 Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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