Desolation after super typhoons in Pacific

Update: 17/03/2015
Super tropical typhoons Pam is known as one of the strongest hurricane in Pacific, which causes disasters to islands in Vanuatu

Desolation after super typhoons in Pacific


The international media said Pam was one of the big typhoons\r\noccurring in Pacific.
\r\nIt swept through Vanuatu in the morning of March 14th and destroyed\r\nmost of houses in the islands. This has been the heaviest hurricane\r\nin southern Pacific since 1987. The power of the hurricane reached level 5,\r\nwhich is considered the highest level in Saffir- Simpson's standard. Its power\r\nequaled to Haiyan hurricane in Philippines in 2013.

\r\nAfter going through Vanuatu, Pam was weaker; however, it was still strong\r\nenough to cause destruction in New Zealand. People in two cities in\r\nnorth, Ackuland and Northland, had to live in blackout. Meteorologists warned\r\nthat on those places influenced by New Zealand, and heavy rain would lead\r\nto flooding and landslip in relating areas in New Zealand. According to\r\nReuters, 8 people were killed and 20 people were injured in the super\r\nhurricane Pam in Vanuatu. Most of non-concrete constructions were collapsed. It\r\nis believed that the number of people died and injured would be kept increasing\r\nhard when rescuers approached other remote islands.

Sau khi quét qua Vanuatu, siêu bão Pam đã giảm sức tàn phá. Tuy nhiên, nó vẫn gây nhiều tác động khi tiến vào New Zealand. Người dân hai thành phố Ackuland và Northland ở phía bắc đất nước phải sống trong cảnh mất điện kéo dài do hậu quả của bão. Các nhà khí tượng cảnh báo, mưa lớn có thể gây ngập lụt và lở đất ở các vùng chịu ảnh hưởng của New Zealand. Theo Reuters, 8 người thiệt mạng và 20 người bị thương vì bão Pam ở Vanuatu. Hầu hết tòa nhà không cấu thành từ bê tông đã bị phá hủy. Số người thương vong có thể tiếp tục tăng mạnh khi lực lượng cứu hộ tiếp cận những hòn đảo xa xôi.

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Pam pushed thousands of people falling into hard situation\r\nwhich were lack of food and water, according to CNN.


Aurelia\r\nBalpe, who was responsible for holding Red-cross organization in the\r\nPacific, broke the news: "Super typhoons Pam has thrown away\r\nmany houses, destroyed many vegetable crops. The destruction caused by Pam\r\nis extremely serious. People here do need help. However, these are just a part\r\nof the consequences. We need much time to calculate all the destructions".


According\r\nto the people in disaster areas, Pam has blown away many\r\nhouses, fallen trees cut across roads and streets broke many stable\r\nconstructions such as churches, hospitals, schools. Particularly, in capital\r\nPort Vila, 90% of churches was damaged, water spread in hospitals. UNICEF said\r\nthat 60.000 children in Vanuatu need help.


Journalist\r\nMichael Mc Lenna, who lives in Port Vila, described that the sight there\r\nwas just like a place after bombing or figured as the doomsday\r\nin some science fiction movies.


Authority\r\nin Vanuatu noted 6 people were killed in Pal so far. Yet, the number\r\nof the dead would be increased when rescuers approached remote areas on\r\nmore than 80 islands in Vanuatu.


Australia\r\nhas sent rescuers to Vanuatu to help victims. However, the help operations\r\nseemed to be difficult because Vanuatu is among the ocean. The\r\ndistance between capital Port Vila and Brisbane, located in the east coast of\r\nAustralia, is 1.770 km. And the distance between the capital to Auckland, a\r\ncity of New Zealand that is located nearest to Port Vila, is 2.200 km. Vanuatu\r\nconsists 83 islands, and people live on 65 islands already. The length of the\r\narchipelago is 850 km.


Besides, most of the houses in Vanuatu are built from simple\r\nmaterials like straw and steel roof. Obviously, it is difficult for\r\nthese fragile houses to stay still through the hurricane. After\r\ngoing through Vanuatu, Pam was weak and moved toward New Zealand.

Nguồn: Zing.vn

Translated into English by  Tang Gia Boi.

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