Update: 15/03/2021



The smiling, proud wanderers, many heroes

They fought reputation and position

For their master, gratitude disciples with whole loyally

Luong Son righteous people from many places came back,

Fighting against the evil for the peace,

They might be defeated as well

Wives had  looked forward to welcome their husbands at seaside,

Lonely watching the  waves gloomingly,

Persistently waiting for them hopelessly

So as to becoming a hurtfully Vong Phu rock

There have been many kinds of separation in the world,

With the ones who leave, the ones who stay in sorrow,

Embracing the own love in forever,

The longer time in couple, the unhappier they have suffered

Practitioners who avoid the desperation

Have to following Buddha, vowing for correcting mistakes

They should care for others  from body and mind

Their love spreads around the world,

 They must keep far from evil things and three poisons

Accumulate merit to come the Nine Virtues of Lotus

Cultivators are probably also have to go away

Far from Dharma, away self mind,

If being far away from the teachings  now,

Hardly avoid from many painful afterlives.

If being far from masters, patriarchs and brothers,

Following Buddha to to achieve His dharma

Though they cultivate, practise or propagate Buddhism,

They originally keep their persistent mind

The bodhi mindful garden has been developing,

Spreading the fragrance of virtue


 Separation obviously happens in life. Some people choose it for a new couple's life; others for their own decision. At this event, Buddhist learners are different from people by the “causal condition”. On the back and forth, we hope that the best memory will be preserved in our mind. Though being in difference, we vow to bear in mind the lyric: “with the Buddha always in our heart, we are not afraid of chilly dews, hot sands and high mountains, our heartbeats the same rhythm, our souls will join together,…”

 Di Nhiên – Kính Đức


Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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