Retreat for Students

Cultivation Day for Students

Update: 19/09/2016
On September 18th, 2016 (Lunar August 18th, Monkey year), more than 1,000 students of many universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to participate in the 4th Cultivation Day for Students heading towards Buddha Dharma in 2016.

Cultivation Day for Students



After the breakfast, the students gathered in the main auditorium to listen to a Dharma lecture given by Venerable Thich Quang Thien, the lecturer of Immediate & Advanced Buddhist Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, on the topic “The Luggage of a Human Life.”


In life, all of us need some skills for living. With all of these living skills, we will have a proud and content life without being controlled by anything or anybody. Only by that, we can live independently, harmoniously and know how to get new advancements.


By the living skills here, the Venerable mentioned three skills, or put another way, three living skills supported to us in Buddhism. These are wisdom, mercy, and patience.

In the Dharma lecture, the Venerable shared in detail to the students about the first category: wisdom.


Wisdom plays an extremely important role for a human being in general, or a Buddhist practitioner in particular. With the wisdom, we can be able to recognize that all things in this life are impermanence, regardless of being existed in any situations or circumstances. That we usually feel miserable, distressed, and unhappy is because we have no clear recognition about impermanence and assume that all things will exist daily there and stay with us forever. And then, when we recognize that the truth is in the opposite way, which is also the time we recognize that we have immersed ourselves in the dark of sorrow and remembrance. Therefore, understanding about impermanence will show us a way and direction to overcome barriers to be better in life because all things can come and go and no thing could exist forever in a particular situation.


Besides, we need to gain wisdom to have a clear and deep understanding about reincarnation, causality, and karma in Buddhism. With all of our body parts, wisdom, properties, career, etc. we have now are gotten not only by our efforts, inheritance from our current parents but also by an important factor, that is inheritance from ourselves of many previous lives. By this understanding, we can overcome unwanted circumstances easily without always being in the border of thinking “Why is that? How does that happen?” As a matter of fact, in spite of being in the same time, day, month, year, situation, condition, etc. two people will have two different destinies and lives. For allof us, gaining these two understandings, we will feel more content and stable in this life, and then a real happiness will come right in the current moments.


In the afternoon, after a deep meditation with the Monks, the students had a chance to talk and share to Nguyen Hoang Minh Tan, the Corporate Affair – Marketing Manager of Asia Pacific Talent Youth TrainingCenter.


After one hour, the topic on responsibility was shared by the Venerable to the students. The responsibility here is shown through three aspects: to ourselves, to family, and to the society. By real stories about families, fathers, mothers, daily life, the Venerable analyzed and showed to the students about their own significant responsibilities. Through this, we could recognize that responsibilites to ourselves are extremely important because it has big impacts on family and society. Therefore, we have to improve our own values, and never let our own values be lost.


The cultivation day ended in the delight of all of people there. When leaving, each student was given a dharma gift package including: the book Buddhism on Human Life, Retribution from the Evil of Killing, Buddha’s son and Ghost’s son , and a DVD for the 11thprogram Sunflower.

Below are taken pictures:



Translated into English by Huỳnh Thị Thảo - Emily.

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