Retreat for Students

Cultivation Day for Students

Update: 07/12/2015
On December 6th , 2015 (Lunar October 25th, Goat Year), nearly 1,000 young students from universities and colleges all over Ho Chi Minh City arrived together at Hoang Phap Pagoda to participate in the 5th cultivation day of 2015 for students’ heading to Buddha’s Dharma.

Cultivation Day for Students

In the morning, after having breakfast, the students gathered in the Main Hall to listen to Nun Venerable Thich Nu Huong Nhu, the Lecturer of Vietnam Buddhist Institute in HCMC, preaching dharma on the topic of “Don’t Love Much for Yourself”.

First of all, the Nun appreciated the cultivation spirit of the students who spent one day at the pagoda. The youth were encouraged to follow the Buddha’s doctrines in order to potentially practice a sharp and flexible thinking ability so that they could see through their true life. Without a foundation of Buddhist knowledge, young students would possibly find it hard to overcome such a life overwhelmed with sorrows. It is, however, the Buddha’s teachings that point out the way to method of getting over misery and out of a standstill.

The Buddha taught us the non-ego doctrine in support of our being aware that nothing is us or belongs to us. Nowadays, acute intelligence makes us love ourselves excessively. This excessiveness results in unhealthy demands and thoughts as well as desires for indulgence in lust. What a selfish consequence it is to propel us into darkness and pitfalls of life. Once being concerned too much about ourselves, furthermore, we will not have another time or chance to care about others in the surroundings. By this way, we will not probably create power of love and care in our lives. Obliviousness to how to overcome obstacles, in this case, may directly cause autism, depression and other devastating outcomes.

As enlightened by Buddha’s Dharma, we would take a more correct look at human life and nurture more love of live also care for mankind. Be directed towards Buddhism, thanks to which we lead a life not only free from any desire and unwholesome factors, but also full of relief and true happiness. Take after the Buddha, from whom we will learn how to foster our love and compassion so as to hinder ourselves from doing harm to other creatures.

Lessons about impermanence of life and all things in the universe help cultivate the seed of right awareness of our nature so that we will, in any of our words, thoughts and actions, never include so much self-extolment. Also, we are supposed to restrain ourselves from arrogance, staying away from modeling orientation and stupidity. By doing all those things as precious and useful lessons which we would apply to real life for relief and true happiness in present and future days.

In the afternoon, the students were programmed to join in an exchange with Doctor Nguyen Tuong Bach after being instructed the unique method of setting in meditation.

He presented on such an urgent topic fitting most today’s students, “Observing your mind” for over one hour. On the foundation of profoundly accumulated knowledge through consistent scientific researches along with spiritual experiences, the Doctor vocalized notable viewpoints on body and mind. We bear resemblance to animals in terms of the possession of a body and a mind. Animals, however, unlike mankind, are either totally unaware or ambiguously aware of the existence of their bodies and minds, or they are, in other words, completely ignorant of their own being at present. We more revolve than other living creatures in this feature. Our awareness, though, is not complete. We are normally manipulated by our minds in all cases and then take no control over it anymore as a result of the fact that how our minds operate is just tentatively accessible entirely penetrable to us.

Therefore, in observation of our minds, we would probably master their operation. From then on, we may keep our mind under strict control and thus manipulate them. In combination with diligent and constant cultivation, we are guiding our minds in the morally right direction, which definitely brings about favorable results. They, together, become peace, contentment and true happiness that we are looking and longing for.

The cultivation day came to an end with joy expression in everybody’s faces lingering in the parting atmosphere. Before leaving the pagoda, the young were also given gifts of Buddhist miracle consisting of: a DVD on “The Great Ullumbana Ceremony in 2015”, a VCD on “Amassing Property or Virtue”, a book on “Sudden Fortune and Happiness”.

Below are the photographs reported:

Translated into English by Nguyen Minh Thuy Tien.

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