Cultivating One-Day Course and Lantern Festival at Dong Cao Pagoda in Thanh Hoa

Update: 22/01/2015
On January 18th 2015 (November 28th Horse Year), although the weather was cold, on warm hearts of Dharma, many Buddhists came to join in cultivating one-day course at Dong Cao pagoda, Yen Khoai village, Nga Yen commune, Nga Son district, Thanh Hoa province.

Cultivating One-Day Course and Lantern Festival at Dong Cao Pagoda in Thanh Hoa


On this cultivating day, Ven. Thich Tam Vuong, Hoang Phap pagoda monks shared with the public a Dharma talk on the topic "Not to misunderstand" . He outlined four basic ways of misunderstanding for Buddhists who, when studying the Buddha’s teachings, should avoid:

- Misunderstanding about the Buddha.

- Misunderstanding about Dharma.

- Misunderstanding about the Sangha.

- Misunderstanding about them.

During the talk, he helped Buddhists to understand, and to have the belief, especially the most appropriate understanding of the Three Jewels. They do not just understand about the Dharma sketchily then misunderstand and turn the Buddha into a God who can bless happiness, also punish anyone. After that taking action, thoughts, words which are not true about Buddhism, leading to going to pagodas regularly without much benefit. If we have the right understanding of the Dharma, we will come to get the best results to contribute to this life happie and more highly.

After ending the Dharma, the public entered the period of Buddha praying.

Response to the invitation of the abbot Venerable Thich Tam Hung, Venerable Thich Nguyen Thuong –Abbot of Kenh pagoda- Hung Phuc village 6, Quang Hung commune, Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa Province and the Venerable Thich Tam Kinh- Abbot of Tay Khanh, Cao Mai village, Quang Hung commune, Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province, he officially came to prove the Lantern Festival to memorize the birthday of Amitabha Buddha. Opening the ceremony, Venerable Thich Tam Hung read the opening speech. Next is the most important part of the ceremony- transferring the lanterns. The candles were lit up by Sen. Venerables from Buddha stage to the Buddhists. The candles of compassion and wisdom were transmitted on the hands of the true Buddhists to bring a message that even the world still have the existence of grief tears, ignorance but if there is still wisdom light of the Buddha; the life will have less darkness and is full of love and understanding light. At a result, we will get happiness at present as well as in future.

In solemn atmosphere, the public listened to the 48 Great Vows of Buddha, prayed to have peace and happiness and wished to be born in His country in the future.

Finally, Venerable have Buddha words for everybody.

The ceremony ended in the joy of all.

Some photos are taken:

Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen.

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