Update: 17/11/2022
The baby's screams caught the attention of the entire cabin. Some people scratched their heads and covered their ears to show discomfort when sitting near the baby. Someone murmured, "Giving birth without knowing how to take care of it, crying makes my head hurt". Besides, there are still people who are kind enough to make jokes, dance and sing for the baby to cry less. And there is also a beautiful hostess, with her professional experience to guide the mother to comfort the baby. I sat not too far from the baby, so I could observe everyone's actions, gestures, and expressions when they heard the cry. Each person has a different state, but there are only a few people who sympathize and understand the discomfort and suffering that the child is facing. Seeing people's reactions in front of my eyes, reminds me about watching a clip made by foreign countries to survey the emotions of passengers when there was an actor holding a baby sitting next to them.



Most of them are not very happy. They didn't say or protest against the baby sitting next to them, but just seeing the shake of the head, pouting, frowning, shrugging said it all - they were worried, insecure and annoyed. Have you ever been in that situation? I travel a lot, so I have the opportunity to meet a lot. At first, to be honest, I also felt very annoyed and uncomfortable. Once on a flight into an area with bad weather, the plane lurched, the pressure in the cabin changed suddenly, making everyone tinnitus, vomiting. I feel uncomfortable, my eardrums are about to explode. I tried to endure it and so did everyone around me. Unlike adults who have a good tolerance, children when in pain are immediately expressed by crying. In addition to a good tolerance, adults when upset can do a few things to ease the pain, or can simply confide in others for help. Children can't do what adults do to ease their pain, so the only way is to cry. Through this, I love them even more, because crying is the language of communication between babies and people in need of care.

“Understood, trash is also a flower,

Love and let everything pass gently.

Peace in mind, peace in everythings

Looking out into the sunny courtyard, I see shimmering yellow chrysanthemums."

Tâm Lực

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Minh Trang

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