Creature Releasing on Vesak Day in Thot Not – Can Tho.

Update: 07/05/2014
The Buddha said that all beings have their Buddha’s nature; therefore, they have a right to live and be treated equally. In humankind views, everyone has the right of self-defence to protect their own life, so do with animals for being loved and protected.

Creature Releasing on Vesak Day in Thot Not – Can Tho.


\r\nTherefore, as a part of charity program to celebrate the 2014 Vesak, Hoang phap\r\npagoda’s Monks and the Buddhists conducted a releasing activity in Thot Not –\r\nCan Tho in the early morning of May 5th, 2014 (June 7th, Horse year).

In this activity, the group bought nearly 900 kg of various fish in Thot Not\r\nmarket and set them free to the nature. After that coming to Bo Ot market in\r\nCan Tho city with about 300 kg of fish and then release all of them into the\r\nrivers. The amount of fish calculated was 1191 kg with the sum of 49.100.000\r\nVND

Below are recorded images:





Translated by Thai Thi Minh Thu.

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