Creature releasing in Can Tho

Update: 20/09/2016
On the moring of Sep. 18th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 18th, Monkey year) the monks and the Hoang Phap pagoda’s Buddhists came to Can Tho City to attend the ceremony of reborn-praying.

Creature releasing in Can Tho


On the ceremony, the Junior Thich Tam Dao had a short speech with the theme on “Four Dharmas of Winning the Heart”. After the preaching about its meaning,he reminded that Buddhists should diligently practice “Four Dharmas of Winning the Heart”, in which the dharma of “Four Dharmas of Winning the Heart” or “Three Operations with Nothing” means that there is neither a giver nor receivers and given gilfs, etc. The donators would obtain immeasurable merits belonging to their capacity. Buddhists have no practice of alms giving with Paramita (abandon mind), they would easily keep on their deeds; as a result, their complacency would prevent their cultivating progress.

In the afternoon of same day, the Junior and Buddhists released more 6,5 tons of various fishes on the Hau River, being worth of 164.900.000 VND donated by Buddhists everywhere.

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