Creature Release in Cu Chi Disitrict

Update: 12/06/2016
Hoang Phap pagoda’s Months and Buddhists organized the creature release in Cu Chi District on June 9th, 2016 (May 05th, Monkey year).

Creature Release in Cu Chi Disitrict


They visited frog farm owned by Mr. Luong’s family located in Bau Sim Hamlet, Tan Thong Hoi Ward, Cu Chi District, Hochiminh City to release ten thousands frogs (over 800 kilograms), two pythons, and 21 krail snakes.

Being awareness about feeding animals and selling them to buyers is contrary to Buddhism’s merciful spirits, he decided to release all of them; dissolved the farm, and turned into another job.

In the morning of June 11th, 2016 (May 7th, Monkey year) all the hosts released 450 kilograms catfishes with the cost of 9 million VND collected by Buddhists. Thailand Monks had visited Hoang Phap Pagoda and also joined in the release.


There are some images about the activity as below:


Translated into English by Duong Dang Huynh Anh

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