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Covetousness and the way of elimination

Update: 21/04/2015
King Mihinda asked Venerable Nagasena about what is different between the greedy one and the un-greedy one.

Covetousness and the way of elimination


-The greedy one is cover with attachments and the un-greedy one is to be free from attachments, king!

-I think that people all want to satisfy the five desires so how can we distinguish who is attached desires and who is not, venerable?


-It’s correct when both perform their existence in the same way as eating, wearing clothes… However the attached-desires one is drunk with desire, enjoy and find anyway to satisfy desires. Not only making satisfactory but ever-chasing for the five desires. By contrast, the one who is not attached to desires, they take and use everything in moderation. Eating, wearing, sleeping for them are to keep the physical body working, maintain it to practice the virtuous way. Those are called attached and un-attached desires, king.

-This matter I’ve been got.

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