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Converting relatives f­or Buddhism.

Update: 25/03/2016
Ask: The wife has studied Buddhism for many years but the husband still hasn’t believed in it yet, then how to help them?

Converting relatives f­or Buddhism.



The aspiration of helping others to believe in Buddhism is very good mind. However, wishing itself is not enough. To be successful, one needs to know how to carry out with skillful means and depend on others’ mind. On the other hand, the kindly mind one has to understand and follow the three principles namely: experience, moving and converting.

 1. First, one should be an example to others in studying and practicing. Keep well the image of a Buddhist to show your relatives in getting the good impression and the real benefit from Buddhism. Before, we are full of hatred and defilements, always bring about the uncomfortable feeling to others; now as we are on the practice way, try to reduce those personalities and together with development the compassion in learning to understand and forgive others than blame them as well

At the same time, one should be skillful in recognizing others’ thought and should depend on the real situation to apply the suitable Buddhist sharing to them according to the right view. Gradually, our relatives will realize the changing from ourselves and understanding the usefulness of Buddhism and Buddhist practice.

 2. Next step is moving. From the concrete actions based on Buddhism, or bodily teaching, people will be moving. Moving itself has strong power in persuading others’ inner feeling.


3. The final step is converting. The people’s inner feeling will react positively before your heartfelt mind as well as the value of Buddhism; then they will be changed automatically. Self-recognizing is the best way for converting. Any restriction or forcing is no effect for this case. When they really realize the value of the Buddhist way, the faith will rise and the mind will be changed.


So, for any phenomena, no matter what it belongs to the worldly or out of the worldly, they need gathering enough the causes and conditions as well as perseverance to be successful. This is the whole process which depends on many conditions, excluding aspiration of doing nothing. Everything is possible provided that you have perseverance and passion enough. Keep sowing the good fruits by good speech and action, leading a life according to what the Buddha teaches; hence.  one day you will get the result as you wish.

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