Contemplating the 7 factors of enlightenment

Update: 07/10/2021

Contemplating the 7 factors of enlightenment


Mindfulness, Dharma choice, diligence, joy, calm, concentration, equanimity are 7 factors of enlightenment. One who has these seven factors is one who is enlightened. Have you had any ones for yourself? If not, you have to cultivate and practice.

These factors are not outside but they are in the mind of each person.

Mindfulness is not thinking, not distracting.

Choosing dharma is to know good and evil, right and wrong, then choose the good, discard the evil.

Diligence is pure body, speech, and mind, not doing evil.

Happiness is always joyful in the mind

Calm of mind is inner peace

Concentration is the mind that has transcended five desires and unwholesome states

Equanimity is not being attached to anything in the world.

These things seem easy, but they can't be done in a lifetime. Therefore, cultivation is the practice of one's own, is a process, a long path from this life to the next one. A little mindfulness in each life, a little choice, a little effort, a little joy, a little peace, a little concentration, a little equanimity ... like water falls drop by drop and the vase is also full. Continuing our practice forever, until we can see the Buddha or hear a verse of Him, we will immediately become enlightened like the Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng.


Lá Xanh



Translated into English by Lien My

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