Update: 30/11/2017
The number of central provinces of Vietnam were severely damaged by strong, heavy storm in Nov. 2017 in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Nha Trang, etc. the houses of which were ruined, family members were separated, S.O.S sounds were sorrowful in all over Central Vietnam.



I only had a chance to see the scenes on the Internet, but they were so touching that I could burst into tears. The victims tried to cope with the heavy storm like uprooted trees. Fortunately, some branches tried to beat against the death. Dogs, cats, cows, buffalos, pigs, etc. became solitary, whose voices so downhearted. The things were nothing to say but messily flown away. Everything made the landscapes so depressing that my heart broke into a thousand of pieces.

 The great damage made people strongly rely on each other in order to overcome such a disastrous storm. No words can describe. The philanthropic groups quickly donated clothes, medicines, instant noodles, etc. There was no means to cook the meals. The pitiful people tried to eat against the hunger and cold, which makes my heart full of laments.

  Birds panically flew high, just need to stay alive. The question was how to stop this kind of sorrowful chorus to people in the areas full of natural disasters coming on the whole. The roadways became threadbare but their strength was so greatly admirable that they struggled to preserve their lands where their ancestors encountered to build up. Annually, Local residents mostly had to face up to storms and floods (sometimes serious, sometimes not), but they were devoted to firmly struggling and sacrificing.

  The floody water flowed into houses, which looks so mournful. Smiles stopped, hearts seemed to be broken, dead bodies were filled up around the roads, the downhearted melody made people awake. Nothing lasted forever, nothing belonged to anyone. People were shortly filled with happiness while pain was obsessed for a while. The lenient violet flower became indelible.

 Darkened sky by strong wind, heavy rain,

Raining cats and dogs hurt human beings

 Devastating storm fought Vinh Phap onto a little pagoda in the city of Nha Trang (one of the branches of Hoang Phap monastery). Located on the cliff near the seashore, the pagoda had to be severely damaged, the rooftop out, the cold and secluded atmosphere made the abbot anxiously think: only the abbot voluntarily in charge of propagation of Buddhism would not be easy. Now, knowing natural disasters’ challenges he sadly had to face up, we the Buddhists were so worried about your health. Dear teacher, I was only a normal voluntary Buddhist with a hurt leg, I felt helpless to you. Only the little piece of heart (In Buddhism, it was said to rejoice at others’ merits and virtue) was given to you, wishing that the Great Flavor from Triple Jewel giving you good health, strength to overcome difficulties; Prajna boat bringing all anxiety to the sea; philanthropists, Anathapindikas (who take care of orphans, widows and widowers), and Buddhists around the country donated wealth, supplies, and  effort, etc. When a number of seeds from kindness would be propagated to people, the little pagoda would be restored soon. The sutras, “Amitabha” recitation were also  warmly intoned in Nha Trang city.

 Tranquilly seeing the clouds freely flowing away in the late afternoon, I  silently contemplated that life was so impermanence, less happiness, more painLife does not stop for anyone. We will keep moving forward, and keep your hope. Sometimes in our life, something has been lost for something better  coming. Life is always filled with challenges and failures. Be strong to overcome and conquer these ones.

Hoang Phap monastery, 15 Nov 2017

 Nguyá»…n Thanh Thảo

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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