Charity in Cambodia

Update: 24/03/2014
In the morning March 22nd, 2014 (lunar Year 22nd, February) on the occasion of 11th death anniversary of formal Venerable who set up Phuoc Thien Pagoda, response the invitation of Abbot Thich Duc An, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh, the monks and Buddhists of Hoang Phap pagoda attended at Hamlet 6, Neale Loeung commune, Peam Ror district, Prey Veng province, Cambodia.

Charity in Cambodia

  In this\r\nceremony, the Ven had a short Dharma lecture to remind all about the original\r\nsource of Vietnamese. Now, showing gratefulness to the Buddha and monks, each\r\nperson needs to live more active, as well as help those around believe in law\r\nof cause and effect deeply, master the Buddha Dharma, better the peaceful life.\r\nTo do this, Buddhists should nourish the right views when cultivating. It means\r\ntheir cultivation helps themselves, also members in families having a good and\r\nbetter life, not taking this reason for ignoring their responsibilities in\r\nfamily, from which the couple quarrel, children wander. They should practice\r\nblessings (offerings and charity) and wisdom (meditation) at the same time,\r\npractice the Buddhas teachings in daily life.

By early afternoon, the group donated gifts to the\r\nVietnamese and Cambodian people in Neale Loeung commune. During this charity,\r\nthe group sent 300 gifts totally. Each gift include: 10 kg of rice, 1 bottle of\r\nsoy sauce, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of salt, 10 packets of noodles, 1 Dharma gift\r\n(DVD “The Path of Enlightenment”, a DVD “Laughing Happily”, a DVD “The Paths of\r\nPropagation”, VCD “Intimate feeling in early year”) and 100.000 VND in cash.

In the morning 23rd March 2014 (February 23rd Horse Year),\r\nthe group continued the charity mission in Phnom Penh city- Cambodia.

Before sending gifts, Senior Venerable had shared the one-\r\nhour Dharma talk to Vietnamese fellows. He advised them to unite and help each other,\r\nespecially to care for the future young generations. Also from that idea, Hoang\r\nPhap Pagoda is planning to build a Hoang Phap Pagoda in Cambodia. By the\r\ndesire, this place will become a Vietnamese pagoda for Vietnamese to cultivate\r\ntogether and live a prosperous life, so in addition to the building of the\r\nPagoda, he also wanted this place to become a school for poor children by\r\nbudget help of all people.

The Ven. also added that each person was born with different\r\nappearance, intelligence, life because of karmic cause and effect. All things\r\nhappening to ourselves are the results of “Cause and Effect”. Understanding it,\r\nwe will take responsibility with our actions.

After his preaching, the Ven. gave gifts to the public. Each\r\ngift includes: 10 kilograms of rice, 10 packets of noodle, 1 kg of sugar, 1\r\nbottle of soy sauce . Dharma portion includes: ( DVD “The Path of\r\nEnlightenment”, DVD “Laughing Happily ”, DVD “The Paths of Propagation”, VCD\r\n“Intimate feeling in early year”) and 100.000 VND in cash.

The total gifts for this trip was donated by overseas\r\nVietnamese Australian Buddhist - Nhu Lu and Buddhists in this group.

Moreover, on the behalf of Monks and Buddhists in the group,\r\nhe also visited and offered in three abiding monasteries from three local Vietnamese\r\nnuns in Cambodia.

Following photos are taken.

Attending death anniversary and sending charity gifts at Phuoc Thien Pagoda

Talking and charitable gifts at Hoang Phap Pagoda - Cambodia
Translated by Cao Thanh Tuyen

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