Update: 19/11/2022
Have you ever changed your decision at 90th minutes?



Today, I have a sharing talk for 1200 children going to the temple to attend the retreat court. The lecture has been carefully prepared by me with the desire to convey meaningful, humane and positive messages to the children. But then… an hour before the lecture time, I decided to change the content. Changed because of the actual situation of the retreat court, the age of the participants was smaller than I originally expected. From the profound content that orientates them to become a person who has both talent and virtue to the topic of gentle and easy-to-understand humanity.

After all, how many times has my life changed?

Someone when he was a child dreamed of becoming a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, etc. or any other professions.

That dream has grown day by day. Then one day, you get bored! Bored with your original decision. You turn 180 degrees to choose the profession you like. It will be ok! As long as you are happy and confident that you will succeed, then boldly change.

How about love? Can I choose again if I love the wrong person? You must answer this question by yourself. But before answering, you must ask yourself: Why did you fall in love before? Why was it broken up? Don't be in a hurry! Because you are responsible for your decisions. If you love the wrong person, you can choose again; But if you are lucky enough to have the right person, try to keep!

Change will sometimes be good with a positive direction, but sometimes it will bring many consequences for you and everyone. Therefore, before making any decisions, be sure if there is any harm or suffering to yourself and others. If there is mutual benefit, you should boldly change!

Tâm Lực

Translated into English by To Le Van

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