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Ceremony of Seating Buddha and preaching Dharma at Nhan Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

Update: 12/07/2016
On morning of July 9th, 2016 (Lunar June 6, Monkey year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, on the purpose of giving a Dharma talk, has paid a visit to Buddhist family at Nhan Thien Tam restaurant at 10 - 12 Nhu Dinh Hien street, Pham Ngu Lao ward, Hai Duong city.

Ceremony of Seating Buddha and preaching Dharma at Nhan Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant


At 8:45 A.M., two lines of Buddhists respectfully held their hands to welcome Noble Venerables to ancestor hall where they celebrate to seat the Buddha. After that the Senior Venerable had the Dharma talk on theme “Humanity  â€“ Goodness – Mind”. By his speech, he reminded Buddhists about human values, human moral bases which are applied for three karmas as body, speech, thought. Besides, He taught the mass about the difference between of people and animals; for example, people have perception, thinking and distinguishing which one is right or wrong. On the contrary, animals have no these conscious mind. Thus, it is a noble event to be born as a human; therefore, we must honour and vow how to live deservedness in the human existence.

At the end of preaching, he gave two pictures of callighaphy “Humanity  â€“ Goodness – Mind” and “Compassion - Wisdom -Bravety” to buddhist Duc Son. Besides, Sangha also gave the mass some books titiled “Right Person, Right Deeds”, “Two Happy Lives”and a VCD “Eight Worldly Dharma”.

The ceremony of seating Buddha and the  preaching ended in the joyfulness of the mass.

Here are photos recorded:

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