Buddhist wedding ceremony in view of a professor.

Update: 11/04/2017
I am very moved to witness a Buddhist wedding that is simply called "Buddhism Wedding Ceremony" - Buddhist marriage is called “Hang Thuan” ceremony in Buddhist language or Buddhism…

Buddhist wedding ceremony in view of a professor.


Namo Sakyamuni Buddha.

I respectfully report to all the honored Senior Venerables, nun and monk venerable.

I respectfully report to ladies, gentlemen, and Buddhists.

I respectfully report to relatives of the two families and especially bride and groom’s families.

Four thousand years ago, the marriage between dragon father named Lac Long Quan and fairy mother named Au Co gave birth of entire Vietnamese people today.

Three thousand years ago, the marriage between the third one of the immortal quartet– Chu Dong Tu and the second princess of Hung king - Tien Dung createda prosperous property, which is now the Da Trach lagoon in Hung Yen near the place where the ceremony is celebrated today.

Two thousand years ago,Buddhism was first introduced into our country. The monk, whose name is Khau Da La, means "black monk" of Indian origin, first brought Buddhism from India to Vietnam, earlier than all other countries in Southeast Asia. It has been the cooperation, support and assistance of the indigenous women for that Man Nuong is the typical image, for first creating Buddhist Luy Lau, also called Lien Lau or Ly Lau, i.e Day area, Dau Pagoda. From that area, now forming a whole Church, an entire religion in the name of the Buddha that helps the country, the people, and the national companion.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Confucianism was introduced into Vietnam from the early Christian era. Immediately, Confucianism paid attention to the importance of family marriage, of married life. And so, formulas, criteria, highlights for the cycle of a human life. According to Confucianism, there are four important ceremonies: “Quan, Hon, Tang, and Te”funeral, ritual. “Quan” is the ceremony of maturation, and the maturity is marked by wearing a hat with a strip. “Hon” is marriage. “Tang” is how to take the dead to eternity. Finally, “Te” is to show respect for heaven, earth, and people. It is known that Confucianism has occupied the very important territory of human life and the society like this.

Catholicism arrived in Vietnam from the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. Then, they have also quickly exploited the important battlefield - marriage, married and family life. Gradually, a whole church wedding culture has existed throughout the fifteenth century up to now in society.

Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam earlier than all of the other religions. But Buddhism, dating back 2000 years, has overlooked the very important battlefield of human life and society - marriage. So, standing here today,I am very moved to witness a Buddhist wedding that is simply called "Buddhism Wedding Ceremony" - Buddhist marriage is called “Hang Thuan” in Buddhist language or Buddhism.The Venerable Master had very nice, very sensible words about calling marriage under the name of Hang Thuan. There is so much humanity, humankind towards the good realms of existence and especially towards the holiness, the good, the importance of marriage that Buddhism now begins to participate in.

Therefore, first of all I would like to congratulate and thank the bride and groom and their families for their wisdom mind and wisdom eyes, because they orientated, chose, and reverently askedthe Senior Venerable, Venerable, monks and nuns, Buddhists, today for witnessing a significant and meaningful Buddhist wedding ceremony at Cu Linh pagoda. I also applaud and thank guests and relatives of the two families today for agreeing with the bride and groom and their families to come here - this Cu Linh pagoda, to witness how this Hang Thuan ceremony takes place. Finally, I would also like to thank and congratulate Buddhism, the Church who today and here really updated in time, participated in and organized this celebration. It means that from now if it is multiplied and expanded, Buddhism and the Church will not miss a very important battlefield of human life, the family and the nation. Monks, nuns, believing men and believing women have devoted their attention to Buddha's realm, but now if needing to get marriage, they will not be lonely anymore as there are spiritual homes like this to hold.

Therefore, once again, I would like to congratulate all of you and thank you. I wish that the “Hang Thuan” ceremony will have a brilliant, spacious future. It will be multiplied multiples to become a culture of the Buddhist marriage full of great human spirit, full of responsibility for the family and society like the vows of the bride and groom as well as the words the venerable master said very carefully.

Finally, thank you all!

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Thuy Oanh

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