Buddhism Marriage Rite at Hoang Phap Pagoda

Update: 11/12/2016
In order to bring Buddhism into family life, today Dec 11, 2016 (Nov13 lunar calendar), despite the busy time of the Seven-Day Retreat, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh; abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda and the monks have arranged their time for the Buddhism marriage rite for two couples: * Groom and bride: Dang Thanh Le and Ly Phuong Thanh; * Groom and bride Nguyen Ngoc Chau (religious name: Chanh Phuc Nghia) and Tran Thi Le Phuong (religious name: Chon The Hien)

Buddhism Marriage Rite at Hoang Phap Pagoda


After the Triratna incense offering ritual, representatives of the families and the two couples of groom and bride humbly asked the clergy committee for the witness to the marriage rite as well as giving blessings to the wedding. After that, the new married couples head to the Buddha statue to pay homage and kowtow to show their respect to Buddha. Next, they kowtow parents to express the gratitude to parental merits; and finally they kowtow each other to show that they will respect the spouse in the whole life.

One of the integral objects in this great day is the wedding ring. In the ceremony, the Venerable, on behalf of the clergy committee, has stated the meaning of the wedding ring. It is the simple object of engagement, but it carries great meaning for marriage in the present and the future. After that, the brides and grooms exchange wedding rings in the witness of the clergy committee.

The meaning of the Buddhism marriage rite has been strengthened when the brides and grooms take the marriage oath in which they vow living in awareness aligned to the Five Precepts for lay Buddhists, and following Buddha’s teaching in Sigalovada Sutra.

Subsequently, the Venerable gives his instructions and advices to the new marriage couples and explains the meaning of the word “Hang Thuan” (the Vietnamese name of Buddhism marriage rite). “Hang” means “always”, “Thuan” means peace or harmony that is the base for happy family. Besides, the Venerable shares Buddha’s teachings about how to consolidate happiness in the family, the right manner to parents, and how to educate kids since pregnancy. “Hang Thuan” family means happy family.

Buddha teaches his disciples the six good terms for the harmony so that they can perform to have peace and happiness in any community. Those six good terms include:

* Peaceful manners (for the sake of harmony in the community)

* Peaceful words (to avoid conflict)

* Common sense

* Practicing together

* Solving problem together

* Sharing benefit together

If we know how to apply these Buddha’s teachings into family life skillfully then we can call our family the Home-Sweet-Home and happily live there in the whole life.

At the end of the ceremony, the Venerable awards the certificates of Buddhism marriage and Dharma gifts to the just-married couples.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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