Buddha’s Retreat without Receiving Visitors

Update: 08/06/2016
The World Honored One once stayed at the forest in Icchanangala. He told Bhikkhus:

Buddha’s Retreat without Receiving Visitors


 â€œI want to have a three months’ meditation without receiving guests, except the one who brings food .


Yes, sir!


Then after the retreat, He stood up from meditative dwelling, calling the Bhikkhus:


Bhikkhus! If the heretical wandering monks asked: "Which retreat did Gotama have many days in rainy season?", You have to answer: "In meditative contemplation of in-breathing and out-breathing".

 Bhikkhus! It is the dwelling of Saint, Sages, and Tathagata.


(DTKVN The Connected Discourses 5, Chapter 10, Unit 2, Icchanangala section [brief] Religious Publisher, 2002, page 486) 




Perhaps there is no one thinking that The World Honored One also "enters into the Retreat". He carries out contemplating of His breath in fulfilment and without acceping visitors or meeting anyone in the summer retreat. Was He so tired with affairs of this world or just manifesting to advise Bhikkhus and our future generations?


Of course, The World Honored One also needs to take a rest by abiding His body and mind in meditation and present peace. But it is more important that He be a sample, warning His disciples who have wasted too much time of cultivating for contacting, ceremony, meeting, workshop, etc.. but neglecting their duties to live in peace.


On the other hand, the Buddha wants to emphasize the importance of meditation , especially the method of Four kinds of mindfulness, the foundation for Holy fruition. Most of Bhikkhus at His time based on practice to contemplate of body, feeling, mind, dharma in the Rain Retreat to achieve the liberation, attainment the holy fruition.


Today, Bhikkhus also practice the retreat but they are not really directing their mind to the inside completely. Much Buddhist work has slowly taken away all their time, ability and will; if they don't apply their cultivating well, living in peace only attain the form.


Therefore, performing of living in peace, not going out of abiding place, having the strict time of meditation six times a day and night, which is a necessary thing to do. There are only three months of living in peace in a year, and the Buddha is the Enlightened One but He doesn't receive visitors, still in diligent cultivation. Is this the thing that we are the future cultivators with a little blessing but heavy karmas who need to reflect?  


Still knowing that authentication of living in peace is the right at disciple's self-mind and the end belonged to the means, Bodhisattva's acts are indescribable. If we are not Bodhisattvas who have the unhindered actions being to follow the example of Buddha, limiting external conditions, turning the attention to meditation, performing the duty of living in peace. 


Quảng Tánh

Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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