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Both Male Baby And Female Baby Are Good

Update: 05/05/2016
One day, Buddha was staying in Savatthi when king Pasenadi came to meet him. He expressed his homage to the Buddha and sat one side.

Both Male Baby And Female Baby Are Good


King Pasenadi was informed the news that his wife, Queen Mallika, had given birth a daughter baby. The king was not pleased with the news because he wanted a son.

The Buddha , who had examined King Pasenadi’s sad feeling, said the verse:  

"O king, in life

There are some women

Who are better than men, There are women 

In compared with men They wiser and more ethical 

 That makes mother respect.

Then she gave birth a son

 â€“ a hero, a state owner Such an arogant man

From a kind and vietue wife

Ti’s worth a master

For national teachers.

SAMYUKTA NIKAYA 1, Chapter 3, section 2

Topic: A daughter, VNCPHVN issued, 1993, tr.193)


Nowadays, it is normally said that “Son or daughter all are your kids” or “gender is not a matter when having a kid”. This concept was claimed for more than 25 centuries in ancient India when female was considered as “a torch light leading to hell” and female birth being a trouble, a misfortune to the family. This declaration from the Buddha has obviuoslybeen such a great and forefront manifesto in history about social development and gender equality.

With pure vision, Buddha did not evaluate a person based on gender, position, class or race but his/her own deeds (past and current) instead. Hence, regardless that person is male or female, if (s)he has been continuously collecting good deeds (in the past and present), certainly has been the good and helpful one for him/herself, the family and the society.

  Not only in social aspect but also in religion, Buddha’s viewpoint has been quite open-minded and sincere when considering gender is not a matter in promoting a religious life. A female, like other male buddhists, can even reach the level of Arahant or higher if she truthfully practices Buddha’s teaching and complies Buddha’s law with faith. The formation of Bhikkhuni Sangha and the appearance of female Arahants during Buddha’s time was a strong proof for that.

 From “A wise and virtuous daughter is better than a normal son”, this Buddha’s judgment has made quite a shake in the then Indian society and in the whole world until now, especially in developing countries where male has been considered more important than female. We, the Buddhists, deeply acknowledge Buddha’s teaching and are ready to bring up, educate our kids in an environment of love, fair and equality. We should pay more attention in building up our kids’ virtue and wisdom so that they can become good person one day. Those are helpful and practical actions that Buddhism parents should do

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