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Benefits of Buddhist Dharma cultivation.

Update: 30/05/2015
Question: Why do those who cultivate Buddhist Dharma will get a healthy body?

Benefits of Buddhist Dharma cultivation.



In general, almost everybody wishes to have good health, strength and no sickness, especially, people who study Buddhist Dharma, certainly get a healthy body. Why?  Earlier, because we did not know Buddhism doctrines, we killed and ate many animals. Nowadays, thanks to Buddhism cultivation, we became vegetarians who eat vegetarian foods in few days per month then we may go vegan forever so as to avoid killing the life of miserable animals. In fact, no animal is willing to be killed. Whenever we hold a knife in order to cut their necks, they struggle, scream, even shed tears to beg for  our mercy.



Buddhists or people who study Buddhist Dharma, resolved to be vegetarians or follow a periodic vegetarian diet not only prevent the bad karma of killing animals but also cure those animals. They are on the brink of death then, so if we save their lives,  we will acquire great merit known as "resurrection" .We lengthen their life expectancy , so we also enjoy a healthy and a long life.

In addition, vegetarians will get more benefits than non-vegetarians such as being free from infectious pathogens, improving health, getting a pure, light body and diminishing karmas. Now, many people in the world prefer eating the vegetarian diet. The vegetarian restaurants are opened and families also enjoy many vegetarian dishes than ever.


 Researchers and doctors have done a lot of experiments and realized that vegetarian diet is good for health, maintains beauty and world peace. Thus, people are encouraged to go vegan more. In developed countries, the price of vegetables is more expensive than that of meat. The vegetables are hygienic and contain less pathogens because they are grown in nature whereas animals such as pigs, chickens and ducks are always suffered from foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu and other infectious diseases.


Moreover, those who follow pereodic vegetarian diet should become vegans forever. They should not only slaughter any animals but also set free captive animals to increase their compassion towards  sentient beings thereby creating blessings. Because of  sticking to a natural hygiene diet, they can keep fit,  feel relaxed, balanced, enjoy a resistant, healthy body and reduction of the aging effects.


In contrast, " An ox is taken by the horns, and a man by the tongue. ". If wrong words pop out of your mouth, your physical body will suffer bad effects because “A close mouth catches no flies.” The more foods, especially unhygienic foods we consume, the more sickness we get. Those who do not eat and drink in moderation will certainly suffer bad effects.

In eating and drinking, we should choose some foods which are good for our body, not containing pathogens. If we apply nutritional knowledge into reality, the body will be strong, free from diseases. While eating, we need to chew thoroughly so that our stomach does not have to work more. Walking slowly, after each meal is also good for digestion.

 Furthermore, diseases do not only come from the physical body but also from the mind. If people are in constant worry and depression, they will often get more diseases that are difficult to treat.

Mind rules over behavior.

Wrong words and wrong doings come from polluted mind.

Karmas follow us

Like a cart being  pulled by a cow.

Right words and right doings come from pure mind.

Good seeds produce good fruits.

Happiness, joyfulness also come from pure mind.

Actually, it is not strange at all, because in each human's body, mind always governs all behaviors.   So whoever is relaxed and unstained could overcome fear and suffer less disease or their sickness will gradually recede , if being sick. However, if those who live in constant fear of everything, their minor sickness will turn into serious one. Some are indulged in personal enrichment and some are jealous of others’ success all the time  and try to catch up with others at all costs, so they tend to fall into mental depression  and get sick.

People who practice Buddhist Dharma, should reach "fearlessness " . Understanding the Buddha doctrines, Cause-Effect law, evil karma and good karma, sins and blessings we will manage to overcome our fear. In fact, nobody wants to be sick all year round. The serious sickness that we are suffering originates from our evil karma in the past that we have to repay for.  The more evil karmas we had created in the past, the more karmic debts we have to repay now. Therefore, to avoid negative consequences, each person should cultivate with determination, look back to their inner life so as to correct their mistakes. Simultaneously with this, we should change ourselves into vegetarians, open the compassion toward sentient beings. By that way, the bad karma will disappear, blessings will automatically increase without resorting to prayers.


Thich Minh Thanh.

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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