Summer Retreat

Beloved Summer: Day 03 (part 1) – Place when Time Stops

Update: 13/06/2015
….the place when time stops…. no worries about the past, no thought about the future...

Beloved Summer: Day 03 (part 1) – Place when Time Stops

When the bell was again ringing, we hurried gathered in the yard and did exercise. For many young people, this habit maybe has not had long. We have to go to school, go to work in the rush; therefore,  working  out like this became strange, it just left a few periods of sports class.  More than three thousand of us arranged along in straight line. The arms rose up evenly with counting by the same lively music and rhythm, laugh pleasantly.

A new life began. Every morning we woke up early at more than 4 o’clock to feel the atmosphere and the night full of dew and still saw the stars sparkling. With our habit getting up late, it was a big challenge. Although 9 p.m is the time going to bed but we  can not sit up when the alarm bell was ringing.  So we queue up waiting to wash our face, brush our teeth in the morning in a state half awaked. Then returned to the room folding mats, blankets, especially the big mosquito net for almost twenty people, which we  need to fold in urgent time. For the first time we are quite confused, but all are very neat and tidy.


When it rose up, we put hands on each other's shoulders in a line long and stepping to the dining room. In this area, we did not do anything. The food was prepared and had a great taste unable to be explained. Maybe it's the love that we get from local inhabitants.


Before the days coming here, most of us carried a lot of cookies and dried food in case being hungry away from the meals. Knowing the regulation of leaving food outside the gate, which all worried about, but eventually we realized that though  carrying it or not, we had no chance to use it. Because the schedule were carefully planned, we had no longer been hungry when it was the time to eat. The menu was always looked delicious


Morning breakfast was always simple in porridge, vermicelli, noodle,ans so on. Lunch with a lot of dishes fit for eyes and tastes, including from all sorts of salad appetizer to main courses and dessert with cake, tea or milk of all kinds. The pagoda absolutely did not serve with animal meet. We were learned how to nurture love for all living beings; so our dishes originated from vegetables and grains. They all gained weight in a surprising way, and our skin is more white and rosy than expected.

We are taken care of each meal and sleep, to even the smallest items that are not lacking. We possibly  want to change hairstyle. Anyone  who breaks buttons while playing will be sewn immediatelty. Anyone who is sick will be served to the Medical room to see the doctor with enthusiastically smiling face, which is made recovered in half. We had comfortablly free entertainment, including a library full of interesting books, a large screen with meaningful programs. It was a place filled with laughters


 We had the opportunity to meet other friends who came from far places. Some had to take the car for several days and nights; others took a distant plane to get this country to retreat in  serene life. We neither need watches nor care about the date so as to stay still in feeling and devote our heart to remember that beautiful moment. Because here is the place where the time halted without worrying about the past, thinking much about the future, only at present. 

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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