Summer Retreat

Beloved Summer: 5th Day - The face to face round.

Update: 26/06/2015
Then we knew that the incident last night was due to the drainage system, but we did not bother about it since all thoughts were just focused on the main plan.

Beloved Summer: 5th Day - The face to face round.

Being intended before, when the bell for meal time rang, we quickly stood at the positions arranged in the surprise of friends opposite us; especially, the anxious attitude of those who would be the victims. We tried to be normal but the joy of victory and the laughter in our faces made them pay attention to us. They looked around the rows of tables, sought the familiar faces of people opposite them before and now sat far at the end of the line and then looked our "innocent" faces.


 Beginning, the opponent had a bowl of cooked rice for each one and then quickly put food into the bowl in the usual whereas our gladiators were gentler than them and calmed down the opponent:

- Half a bowl with cooked rice please!

Of course the remaining half a bowl would be filled up with foods. They were so intelligent, realized soon our intention and did not want to lose. Thus, the "chopsticks war" officially started and two team also wanted to win. Whenever they picked up foods, we also chose and hold a meal. Some dishes were divided into small pieces, so the war was harder and harder. Whereas, the main gladiators of us just focused on eating and never looked up, we looked around. All of the attention of nearly fifty people along a table line were looking to a main table. We were gradually fluttered to see the worn foodin every minute. No one was able to took the eyes off the war coming to the time of thorny matter.


The mealtime passing more than a half, people in the dining-room stopped eating but the war had not finished yet. They tried to eat as fast as possible with the full bowl and we did, too. Whenever they used the chopsticks to pick up one piece of food, we also picked up two pieces of food. The food quickly diminish and was eaten up. Food aids need not to return due to being sent from the other tables. Finally, five persons stopped, but one of our gladiator still continued eating in their amazement. Ignoring all glances and smirk, our strongest gladiator was still calmly eating until the last minute of the lunch time and put the bowl down after drinking two bowls of water with the unblinking eyes of the opponents.


As soon as the bell rang, we quickly came back our bed room and set up a meeting immediately. The operations done during the mealtime were recounted of the specific illustrations. We realized that we could not underestimate them. Because even the most courageous gladiator said "My Goodness ..." and the ordinary people were not able to fight. This duel was equal in strength and intelligence. However, we decided to rearrange the strategy so as to achieve a glorious victory by the youth’s spirit of full enthusiasm.

Lien Vy.

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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