Belief in Buddhism Helping Understand Life.

Update: 18/11/2015
Te Tan (Qi Pin) male singer was famous with the song “Winter Promise” which he wrote and performed. He became a Buddhist in 1992. Since then he has always believed and studied Buddha Dharma.v

Belief in Buddhism Helping Understand Life.


When he started singing career, Te Tan (Qi Pin)’s mood wasn’t good as today. He was usually behind in work and caused scandal. He said: “Because I like to drink wine but wine causes frenzy temper. As a singer, I have absolutely no privacy. Gradually psychology loses balance. So I feel stressed…Sometimes, I have to find some way of venting affliction. Then I believe Buddha and have mended manner a lot.”


He tells: “Since 1992 I started to have interest in Buddhism and had a trip to Tay Tang. I was moved deeply when I saw respect of people there for ascetic monks.”

He found that the Tibetan people have frank custom. Their life is difficult but they are elated to offer little income to Buddhist temple. He has also come to Dai Chieu pagoda at 4, 5 am and saw a flood of people were kowtowing to Buddha there…All of these things changed him from curiousness to touchiness and raised hope of learning about true mind of Buddhism.

After finding his belief in Buddha, Te Tan (Qi Pin) found spiritual berth and spiritual joy to help him control the bad feelings and keep rough manners. The great help of Buddhism to him is a method for “cultivating mind”. Te Tan (Qi Pin) said: “Buddhism teaches cultivation for mind. You can solve the external problem by many different methods but actually a lot of problems come from your inner. Like me before, I drank wine and took the spite out when I got stress…Now I have found the method of mind cultivation from Buddhism. That is controlling my wild mind, direct it with the sequence. The lowest is careful thinking to excited actions before doing. After having this good habit, gradually you will be able to face society easily.”


 Te Tan (Qi Pin) thinks that he was a rebel previously. But he hadn’t critical spirit to society. He still has ideals and good goals. So his later albums are mild and warmer. Indeed, society is naturally cold. It’s good thing to have a pair of hands at creating warmth to it. After he had believed in Buddha, Te Tan (Qi Pin)’s music also began to change in style. It’s high and vast as summer’s grassland steppe; leisurely, free, tolerant and more generous. Te Tan (Qi Pin) said: “Thanks to teaching of Buddhism, my music style and personality have changed a lot.”


Tinh Nguyen translates summarily from http://www.fodizi.net/mingren/13009.html

Translated into English by To Le Van.

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