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Belief – Diligence - Vow

Update: 16/09/2015
Question: Why do the Buddhists who, for long time, understand the necessary conditions of the practicing BELIEF – DILIGENCE - VOW often distract their mind?

Belief – Diligence - Vow




Three necessary conditions of the Buddhists for The Pure Land are:

Belief:  the true belief in vows and the salvation of the Buddha Amitabha. They also believe in themselves that they will be born to the Ultimate Bliss World if they focus on the practicing with solidarity.

 Diligence: the diligently practicing a sentence or a name to reach the peacefulness without thinking about anything else.

 Vowing: the earnest desire to be born  in the Pure Land to live with the Buddha Amitabha. They do not need to be reborn in the reincarnation.

 However, in the fact that although there are many Buddhists who face with difficult things in spite of trying so much to recite the Buddha, their mind moves around and run from the West to the East. They cannot control even though there are some people have practiced better and they can realizes that their heart is travelling but they only try to find the way to keep it in short time.


So, how can we improve this challenge? What do we need to recite the Buddha with the best mind? What are the secrets?


As mentioned above, looking back and we can chase ourselves into “the afternoon” and we are between the old ages and sickness. Moreover, everything, sadness, happiness, proud – disgrace, victory and losing we have experienced too much flavors in our life. And now, when we think about what happened in many years, it is not different as a dream.


Now, what do we want to calculate or worry before sleeping under the grave? Do you have anything to seize, worry, love and hate in front of the day when ourselves become some bones or a jar of ashes?


 If you realize that the life looks like a long dream, you only need to remember a name of the Buddha following your breath “Inhaling a Amitabha, exhaling a Buddha”. You see clearly that this life only exists in every breath; this body is the object which we cannot keep, either outside or inside the body. By thinking of this, we can gently throw away greed and angry. We can come back to ourselves in  smart , pure mind easily.


On the conbtrary, ones who cannot keep this secret into the practicing, despite reciting the Buddha many years still thinke that we are too strong to die. Everything is durable, nice; so we pay attention to the anger for many things else. Even though we have tried to control and suppress and think all things are true, our mind is like a horse on old road.


One day, on the way with the monks for preaching, there is a herd of cows striked with a stick of the cowherd to the farm where they can chew grass and playing. The Buddha told a stanza to wake the Buddhists up:


Like a person who holds a stick
Control the herd of cows
Age and death as the same
Are occupying the life


Listening to that verse, but Anan did not understand the meaning, he asked the Buddha to explain the verses.  Buddha said:

There are more than one hundred cows in that herd. Every morning, the cowhost takes a stick and leads the cows to the farm to have breakfast and drink. In the afternoon, he leads them to their barn. On the way to home, he sell the slaughterhouse there four or five cows to be killed for food. From more than one hundred but now only have a few dozen. However, the rest cows still run around, play and compete with each other, they do not know what will happen with them in the next days.


Human beings are also like the cows. They do not know that they are going to be old, sick and die so that they can be aware of their own.


So, if we able to consider on the impermanence which becomes nearly to bring us to the death, we will not only think about the struggle of the temporary things. We ourselves will find the way to practice and make effort to recite the Buddha to escape the death. That is the secret to practice.


Translated into English by Le Thien An.

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