Being a kind person

Update: 02/05/2023
We used to have faith in human kindness. I don't know when the faith in us has gradually dried up.

Being a kind person


When we were young, we could carelessly run outside to bathe in the rain with our friends, and every child was happy and innocent.

Then, when we went to school, we showed what we didn't like, and what we liked, we freely let people know. Anyway, that's it!

That day, after school, I ran home on the road around rice fields, fragrant with the smell of ripe young sprouts and played with my friends in all kinds of games such as fighting, flying kites, picking fruits, etc.  Mobile phone is something very luxurious.

Growing up, everyone put on himself a mask. Because when we go to work, we are not allowed to show unpleasantness when being yelled at by our boss, we also have to laugh when a customer scolds us. Saying thanks to this one as well as apologizing to another one makes us like a gyro. Talking about the gyro, I would like to ask for a ticket to my childhood.

Days after days, innocence and impartiality are two things that are no longer in us, aren't they? We don’t dare to say we love someone because we are afraid of being refused. Reminding anyone of anything makes you cautious, just because you are afraid of people making them vulnerable. If you want to buy something, you have to consider whether your finances are enough or not.


 I still see somewhere there are people who dare to stand up straight and speak the truth. There are also lovely people who always take and hold the hands of suffering. There are people who give but do not expect to receive in return. There are people who yearn to heal the wounds of others. They live for the morality they learn:)

 “Seeing the suffering people”

  My heart aches as a common suffering

  Seeing happy people succeed

  My heart is happy, too.”

(Tu Tam Sutra - Hoang Phap Pagoda) 

Who are they? They are me.

Hey lucky man! In each of us, there are still seeds of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, courage, patience, altruism… I thought those seeds had been buried - that's not it! Look at my hands. These hands have no happiness, no sweetness, but the hands can create happiness and bring sweetness to life.

Looking up at the sky! The sky has clouds, wind, air to keep us alive. And I'm living under that sky!

Don't be afraid to be a kind person.

Kindness exists and makes the world exist. That’s the truth. Let's be kind people to generate awareness and love, in you and in us.

Tam Cung

 Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung

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